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    Victor Orban addresses CPAC

    Hungarian dictator, Victor Orban, unbelievably addressed CPAC today in Texas. Just a few weeks ago Orban condemned race mixing as a threat to European countries. In fact, he said that European countries that allowed their people to mix with non Europeans ceased to exist as nations. But, of...
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    Question: Did Hunter Biden really sell access to his father?

    I agree the Ukraine/ Hunter Biden situation is extremely suspicious and troubling. What I fail to understand is why you guys haven’t condemned Mnuchin and Kushner from taken huge sums of money before they left government from the murderous Saudi Prince, Mohammed bin Salmon. What do you make of...
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    The Ukraine

    Had Trump been elected, or had been permitted to steal the election, the Ukraine would already belong to Putin, and he would be on to Belarus. The destruction of NATO would have been completed, leaving the Ukraine without the benefit of any allies or support. Pretty obvious what the effect...
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    Jordan refuses to testify proving his own complicity in Jan 6

    Another brave America first move by Gym Jordan. What does he have to hide? Don’t you get tired of defending this phony coward? Protecting his criminal traitorous boss.
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    Looks like Gym Jordan has distinguished himself once again.

    Text messages surrendered by Mark Meadows to the House Select Committee suggest that Gym Jordan took enough time away from wrestling practice to help plan the Jan. 6 insurrection. Gym has certainly jumped to the head of the Taylor Greene, Gosar, Gaetz, Boebert, Gohmert Special Ed class of...
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    Another Trump defeat in court.

    The Donald lost in court again tonight as he continued to try and hide his January 6th guilt. The three judge appeals court literally laughed at him. The only chance he has left is a decision by the Supreme Court to permit him to use the executive privilege excuse. The SC has disappointed him...
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    Steve Bannon indicted by a federal grad jury.

    Found guilty, he could serve a year in prison. I think Bannon would love the notoriety of a few months in prison, but this also means the other Trump supporters will have to sit before the Committee on Jan 6th when subpoenaed. I’m not so sure they will welcome the attention as much as Bannon...
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    Q followers gather in Austin, Texas

    Q followers gathered today to see deceased President John F. Kennedy and his deceased son JFK Jr at a rally where they would begin movement to put Donald Trump back in the White House. Sorry to announce the Kennedy’s were a no show. Weren’t Q followers architects of much of what the cult...
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    Arizona audit turns up no wrong doing declaring Biden the winner.

    Even an audit led by a Trump conspiracy supporting doofus has to admit that the Arizona election was confirmed. After a month and who knows how much money; nothing. The few minor differences in their count vs the election count are said to be mistakes by the Cyber Ninjas. Can you imagine...
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    Gym Jordan changes his tune

    Any thoughts from you Gym Jordan fans on him changing his story about talking with Trump on Jan 6th? Just curious how you’re rationalizing this. Can’t wait until he’s subpoenaed and put under oath.
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    Covid blowing up on DiSantis

    DiSantis’ position looks more and more foolish every day. Now more than half of the high school student populations in Florida are in school districts defying his mandate against masks. Over 227 deaths today in Florida from covid, and over 26,000 new cases today. Florida has had over 3...
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    Pelosi bounces Jordan and Banks from insurrection investigation committee

    McCarthy might as well have chosen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz. How could any investigation of Jan 6th be objective with Jordan having anything to do with it?