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    Who Wins D1

    The door really opened for Mason with top teams going down in the Regional.
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    Taft’s Rayvon Griffith

    It's about NIL and playing with the best of the best. If UC would have told him to not go to AZ that would have been an incredibly dumb move on their part.
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    Taft’s Rayvon Griffith

    So you think it would be better for UC to advise against him going to AZ and making NIL money plus play with the best of the best? If a school I chose put demands on my like that because they didn't have faith i would honor my commitment I would leave them immediately.
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    Taft’s Rayvon Griffith

    He gets to play at one of the best schools in the country and against kids with the same ability. UC wanted him to do this plus AZ allows high school athletes to take advantage of NIL. It was a no brainer.
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    How is leaving your border open good for the country?

    You realize they are all released into the Country after that, correct?
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    2022 Elder Baseball

    Lebanon is going to be very tough. They have two signed D1 pitchers. Mason almost lot to 25 seed Western Brown last night. The score was 1-0..
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    Cincinnati Jobs

    I believe Aiken is now open as well.
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    OHSAA NIL Proposal

    Your wife also didn't bring in millions of dollars for UK through her music like basketball players do.
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    Cincinnati Jobs

    This thread is painful to read. Keith Starks never played in the NBA. Nobody thinks Starks is going to Anderson. This has turned into a WC and IH speculation thread.
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    GMC 21-22 Basketball

    Isn't Richards like 1 win away from 400 or something?
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    Springboro seeks 7th Coach in 10 years

    Name me a Coach in the GWOC that's going to be able to pull a transfer away from Cupps anyway? Side Note: It would be high comedy if Kerr got that job and watching him deal with the parents.
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    The technical foul - Africentric/OG video

    I unfollowed so I haven't seen any recent tweets.
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    Both teams assured of a possession in playoff overtime with rules change approved by NFL owners

    Why can't they just play 1 - 10 minute OT qtr? If it's still tied after that then end the game in a tie. In the playoffs you keep playing until there is a winner at the end of the qtr.
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    Cincinnati Jobs

    I have heard Milford is between Kerr, Baker, and a 3rd party, but not sure who...
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    GMC 21-22 Basketball

    I was thinking the same thing. The other kids on the team had to have been annoyed with his shot selection to say the least.
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    The technical foul - Africentric/OG video

    And that's all well and good. I just don't need to follow a bible thumper on twitter when I want to read about basketball.
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    The technical foul - Africentric/OG video

    I had to unfollow him. Evidently he overcame some demons in his life so everything is about religion now. Then he goes and basically calls out the officials for being racist.
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    I would be interested in 2 tickets for the 2 and 515 games. Let me know. Thanks!

    I would be interested in 2 tickets for the 2 and 515 games. Let me know. Thanks!
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    D4 Kettering Regional Final

    That was a tough game to watch. Botkins guard took to many deep 3s while being closely guarded.
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    Who wins D2?

    If Chew doesnt play then WW is certainly the favorite.