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  1. 12penguins

    Archbishop Alter drops to DIII

    That just cannot be good news for any other DIII schools in the state. great news for SW DII members though.
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    OHSBCA 2022 All-Ohio Baseball Teams Named

    and in this case, the coaches have to be members of the organization to be allowed to nominate. I have no idea what percentage of OHSAA coaches are members.
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    OHSBCA 2022 All-Ohio Baseball Teams Named

    excellent point.
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    OHSBCA 2022 All-Ohio Baseball Teams Named

    I should probably change my observation that I have suspicion something weird is going on...having spent years casting votes as a member of A.P. and the OPSWA, I think it would be more fair to say that the voters are not trying to cheat anyone, but may just be generally clueless.
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    OHSBCA 2022 All-Ohio Baseball Teams Named

    D2 analysis: All 3 SW Region 1st teamers from the same school and only 1 central region player and 2 east regioners on 1st team. Meanwhile 5 nw and ne 1st teamers. Additionally only one sw , 1 east ad 1 central on second team, despite 6 ne players and 4 nw players on 2nd team. sw region had...
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    Who Wins D2

    loses to Hartley 5-2
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    Who Wins D2

    Washington Court House has 2 good pitchers, but may not have enough sticks to move further.
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    SWBL changes

    He is outstanding.
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    SWBL changes

    One might suggest it is strictly a change to keep Bellbrook football from leaving. Adding to d2's to their league really helps their Harbin possibilities as they had outgrown all other schools in the league. As a league member, I would have let them walk. As a journalist, I am glad they did not...
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    Taft’s Rayvon Griffith

    That is interesting. I am not extremely close to the circumstance, but have a couple of sources who tell me UC strongly encouraged it. Obviously a young man who wants to be close to home based on his college choice, so I think that would be a hint that they wanted him to play against better...
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    Longtime Beavercreek Coach Norm Ashworth has died

    Norm has a son named Mark but he did not play at UD. He graduated in 74 or 75 from Beavercreek.
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    Posted this on Football Too. I hear Oakwood has chosen a new AD. Anyone have news?

    Apparently from a small school north of Dayton.
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    I Hear Oakwood has hired a New A.D. Anyone know who it is?

    Apparently a former AD from a small school north of dayton is all I have heard. Male
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    Worst Ohio HS FB stadiums

    They did exactly that for a nice soccer/lacross facility.
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    Worst Ohio HS FB stadiums

    They have been very good in country club sports... golf and girls tennis very good over the year. Swimming, girls cross country and recently with good coaching, both boys and girls soccer.
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    Worst Ohio HS FB stadiums

    Oakwood is a public school
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    Worst Ohio HS FB stadiums

    Oakwood and their basketball court sucks too....richest school district in dayton area. residents claim to "love" these "traditional" crap holes.
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    Tuesday, May 17 Final Scores

    D2 SW3 Oakwood 5 Carroll 2
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    never suggested he should or should not get it. just said he deserved consideration and is the best i have seen in the league. I generally rate by my eye test , not stats, but thought I would post a few of his comparative ones. I would base POY on the statement that he is the player every team...