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  1. Kirtland4580

    Division V State Championship: AP #1 Kirtland (14-0) vs. AP #8 Versailles (14-1)

    Kirtland vs. The MAC: Edition VII. Boy this would make a phenomenal movie series or 30 for 30 short film. Discuss!
  2. Kirtland4580

    Division V, Region 17 Final: #2 South Range (13-0) vs. #1 Kirtland (12-0)

    Simply put: AP #1 vs. AP #2. Discuss.
  3. Kirtland4580

    Region 17 Semifinal: #4 Garfield (12-0) vs. #1 Kirtland (11-0)

    One of three matchups this week between unbeaten teams. Region 17 is stacked with FOUR undefeated squads remaining, as many anticipated would be the case. Some outside the region (and even in the region) might look past Garfield & push for a South Range-Kirtland mega matchup in the regional...
  4. Kirtland4580

    Kirtland Hornets own Longest Active Win Streak in America

    What an accomplishment for Kirtland. Would they get beat by 50+ teams in Ohio? Probably. But all the hard work put in over the last 15+ years by Tiger LaVerde & his staff and players has culminated to this. Good for them. The Hornets will have an enormous target on their back come the playoffs...
  5. Kirtland4580

    Week 7: Kirtland (5-0) vs. Perry (5-1)

    In regular season contests since 2015, Kirtland is 58-2. Perry is 57-4. (Thank you Joe Eitel) The Hornets have not lost a conference game since 2016. The Pirates have not lost in their conference since 2015. These two teams have scrimmaged each other in the preseason for many years, but...