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  1. speedthatkills

    State Tickets - 214 D1 section of arena

    I have two extra books of tickets in section 214 which is the D1 section of the arena. Willing to sell at face value to whoever wants them. Pay by venmo and I will send to your email. Will need the same email as your ticketmaster account to claim them.
  2. speedthatkills

    DII - Wilmington - Thoughts and discussion

    Time to start the discussion. At first glance 120-132 looks like incredible brackets, as well as 215 and 285 imo. I see 5-8 kids depending on the weight that could get through. Impressed with the improvement of wrestlers over the years of this district. After sitting through the CM sectional...
  3. speedthatkills

    Hamilton Ross looking for a game week 4

    Late cancellation by opponent leaves Ross looking for a game this Friday. Any interested teams should contact AD or the Coach