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    2022 Southwestern Buckeye League

    AT least it is closer than driving to half full
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    Hamilton Badin new Stadium

    Many of the houses around that school were built in the 40s and 50s, while the school was built in 65/66. I would think if the residents fight it they may have trouble. Problem isn't the development as much as it is the zoning which I would think there is expectation that this would not change.
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    Personally I feel sorry for these kids that get held back for athletic reasons(we call them Uncle Ricos). If it is an academic hold back then I have no issues with it. Most people are not honest enough to admit it is really athletic reasons they are holding their kid back and say it is...
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    Rank the Ohio Colleges/Universities from this past season.

    You should see the club room there now. Oh my! My son who was placer in Ohio was excited to go over and give it a whirl. Said he has never felt so dominate. Tons of placers and champs but all from nh , Vermont, main, ct, ri, etc. I never put as much credence in Ohio having such good...
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    2022 Spatola Classic Hosted @ Sports Plus Cincinnati, Saturday April 2

    All results or top 4 only? Love to see the brackets
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    DII - Wilmington - Thoughts and discussion

    And likewise if you take Louisville out of their district it dramatically changes that district. Anytime you take highest scoring team out of a district it looks different. Point is the rest of the district performed better which has not always been the case
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    Columbus Dispatch - Zero State Tournament coverage

    Cincy doesn't do anything either. They did try to put a list of all placers in Cincinnati and left one off. Thankfully we have SW OH Sports Daily. For a two man band they put out a ton of content.
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    Cincinnati Enquirer

    I was going to say. How enquirer like to miss some placers.
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    I have the Rudis+ and I could not get it to stream. It kept leaving the matches and going to the promos. Rudis was very responsive and tried to help but it would not click. I would agree the content is great, just hope they get the bugs fixed
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    Cincy Placers

    Ryan Iams from Ross is as well. There is actually quite a few that are at least two sport guys. Emmons from Badin, Stuckey from Wilmington, Brooks form Wilmington just off the top of my head. I am sure i am missing quite a few.
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    What happened to Cincinnati?

    Having a couple boys in HS wrestling over the past 8 years I do not recall ever hearing about this option or anything like it. I did see a few where you could pay to come to different clubs or schools but nothing like this. I am not saying you are wrong but I saw nothing online or from our...
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    What happened to Cincinnati?

    I was talking to a buddy from college this week that now coaches at a Columbus school. IMO the Columbus area has really come on in the past few years compared to the past. I asked him what they do in the off season. His replay made too much sense. He said they were only seeing 4-8 kids at...
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    What happened to Cincinnati?

    As a piggy back to the previous post imagine what the other districts look like with out Buckeye, Aurora, Louisville, or Minerva? Obviously pulling the best team out of that district for comparison sake would directly effect how that district looks.
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    What happened to Cincinnati?

    I think it is a fair question in theory but from a statistical point of view you can not remove an entire set of data. You could in theory take out the highest scoring team from each district to make it more apples to apples. Even removing graham in this scenario leaves leaves Wilmington the top...
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    State Tournament Experience

    State tournament experience.....magical and stressful. Ticket process...excruciating as grandparents are not on board with the electronic ticketing and unless everyone comes in together it makes it hard. Regardless this is still one of the best and special weekends in sports
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    2022 Boro Fan Almanac

    I would be curious and just for fun who are some kids that placed that you didn’t see coming? I think everyone is pretty clear on the top guys but who stepped up and make the hit rate easier. ? I am also a fan of weird wrestling stats and wondered if any jumped out at you? I find Burroughs...
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    What happened to Cincinnati?

    Edgewood with two qualifiers as well as northwest with two. Of course you size queens are forgetting about the d2 and d3 teams who represent very well including all of the d2 teams that qualified and placed multiple kids this year. In fact Wilmington which includes all of the cincy team s was...
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    Cincy Placers

    Don’t forget that tall drink of water Ryan Iams from Ross. Yea I am biased
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    OHSAA DII weight by weight

    So jealous that you paper does this. Cincinnati coverage less than ideal. Great job ABJ!!