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    Bruce Smith passes away

    Bruce wqs not a yappi user. but was known by coach's across the Dayton/Cincy area. He had a call in show on a Cincinnati station ans was a regular on th3e Andy Furman show. He got to know coachs like Carl Kremer(Moeller), Dan Fleming (LaSalle), Jim Staley (Centerville). Ray Zawadzki...
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    2022 Home runs and hits leaders

    Robinson Cano/Mets now with 2626 career hits. Nolan Arenado/Cardinal started with a homer yesterday And haas 270 for career Adam Wainwright/Cardinals got a win yesterday for the Redbirds. 1-0 on season and 185-105 for career
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    Messiah DeWeaver

    Where is this football player at ?
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    Troy looking for head coach

    Troy coach Dan Gress has resigned. Was coach for 3 seasons. Applications being accepted. 7th 8th and freshman teams all coming off of winning seasons. And the teams hase plenty of kids to choose from. A career record of 19-9. Gress stated he wanted more time with his family.
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    Thursday Finals (Week 6)

    Troy 23 Sidney 6
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    Was July 1 another Bobby Bonilla Day ?

    Bobb y got another million or two!
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    2021 Miami Valley League

    Who looks good? Piqua is loaded and not sure about the other division.