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    Open tournaments

    Are there any open freestyle tournaments coming up? thank you
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    2022 Three Rivers Conference thread

    not sure if this team could beat the 12’ team but i do agree a solid team and a lot of potential
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    TOSU @ ncaa: first round melt down

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    they give most outstanding
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    Most State Medals for a set of siblings

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    When will we see our next 4 time state champ

    tucker will go where ever he wants (him and beric are a close match)
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    When will we see our next 4 time state champ

    he literally beat d1 4 timer after he bumped up a weight
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    When will we see our next 4 time state champ

    this “old” guy has to be trolling us, making 0 sense
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    Wilmington d2 rankings

    wanted to update everyone that cares, i was 47/56 with my state qualifiers that’s roughly 84% correct on all weights who would qualify for state! hopefully i can return to doing this :)
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    2022 NCAA Pick'Em

    just want to take a second, we usually do a good job at thanking him also this is a very fun group- but want to show my appreciation and thankfulness for bd, you’re a stud and we thank you for doing this!
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    Best Finals Celebration?

    “this ones for you cooper”
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    Legacy christian

    yep i agree, not saying anything else
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    Best Finals Celebration?

    max shores was wholesome , lilliards was nice and i like the casual cry or flex around the mat. also like nolan neves “i’m the champ, loved carter neves- jesus trained shirt
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    When will we see our next 4 time state champ

    if campbell goes d2 or d1 he’ll still be a 4xer
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    WOW, tough break for Cooper shore!

    i’ve never seen a kid not catch himself or react to a mat return (not saying it was or wasn’t illegal)
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    State Tournament - Division III

    right ? lol i believe max shore is mow, but somehow it’s going to someone else
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    WOW, tough break for Cooper shore!

    shore was clearly going to win
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    D3 113 semifinals

    you are quick to call someone a keyboard warrior, but yet you’re the one calling people pos, kick rocks
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    D3 113 semifinals

    “did you ever wrestle” lol obviously do not know who you’re talking to
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    my top 5 finals matches for tonight

    yes that is also a good one! i will be looking forward to that