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    District Finals

    Heard it was her ACL, but that's what i heard along with bad refs.
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    District Finals

    Wasn't there, but heard there was some very questionable calls, like the PK in the 2nd OT. Can someone that went to the game confirm or deny?
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    Girls Soccer Help

    Full academic ride to Case is quite an accomplishment!
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    Girls Soccer Help

    Find a team and let her make life long friends and get the training that will benefit her for years. Once she gets a little older, if playing college is her goal you can look for a more advanced team if she needs one. Plenty of clubs will get her where she needs to be if college is your goal. My...
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    Are you a true West Sider??

    Old Dillard's building has fencing around it and a Demo Company sign on it. Any word what's going in there?
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    Elder Baseball 2021

    Also heard a very good Soph pitcher from X is transferring to Elder!