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    Open tournaments

    Are there any open freestyle tournaments coming up? thank you
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    my top 5 finals matches for tonight

    1.) kohlhofer vs tyo 2.) younger vs gessler 3.) mcdaniel vs shumate 4.) cramblett vs burns 5.) havill vs smith
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    d3 state champ projections

    these are my projections i’m sure i will get a lot wrong, i’d love to debate if someone wants to!! 106- shulke 113- shore 120- campbell 126- shore 132- allen 138- lacure 144- taylor 150- brown 157- davis 165- slone 175- sell (havill can win this here) 190- stoddard 215- stewart 285- tyo
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    How to watch Wilmington districts

    is there any way to watch this district without being there?
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    The best duo of brothers in high school currently

    at number 1 i have Cooper and Max shore, anyone know of others?
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    Wilmington d2 rankings

    Shoutout to a few websites including Jakeswrestling and borofan for the help and insights These are just for fun, I am sure I missed something somewhere ,enjoy! 106 1.) Beric Jordan ,SPG 2.) Logan Dean , Bethel-tate 3.)Jordan Miller, Hamilton ross 4.)Mason Kelsch , Norwood 5.) Konner...
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    #7 Milton-Union (10-1) vs #2 Eaton (10-1)

    Who is everyone taking and why
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    School Record Int

    Cooper Brown had 4 Interceptions in playoff win against indian hill. That is a school record
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    16 team playoffs

    so i haven’t been active much, i do not want to sound arrogant but does anyone else agree that 16 team is the dumbest thing?