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    CJ Eagles looking for new head coach

    Love the Idea of Coach Place returning. Unless there is a really good candidate out there. Otherwise he’d be great bridging the gap until they find/mentor someone to take over.
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 8 GAMES

    ## Favorite ____________________ Points ________ Underdog 01 ST XAVIER __________x________ 19.5 _________ La Salle 02 Mason ______________________ 12.5 ___x______ FAIRFIELD 03 PRINCETON _________________ 16.5 ____x_____Sycamore 04 SPRINGFIELD ___________x_____10.5 _________Centerville 05...
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 7 GAMES

    ## Favorite ____________________Points ______ Underdog 01 Lakota East __________________7.5 ____x____COLERAIN 02 Mason ______________________ 9.5 ____x____SYCAMORE 03 Springfield __________________20.5 __x______SPRINGBORO 04 Fairmont ______________x______ 8.5 ________MIAMISBURG 05 WAYNE...
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    Taft @ Withrow Predictions

    Withrow has a very good defense and should win this one by a couple scores. Yes their schedule is very weak but Coach Jones is doing a good job and winning the games hes supposed to. The top 2 teams in this league are Withrow and Hughes at the moment. Taft is in the mix as well but not as good...
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 6 GAMES

    ## Favorite ____________________Points _____ Underdog 01 La Salle ___________x__________ 6.5 _______MOELLER 02 ST XAVIER _________x_________17.5 _______Elder 03 Lakota West ________x________ 13.5 _______MASON 04 LAKOTA EAST ______________ 14.5 __x_____Sycamore 05 Princeton...
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    Friday Updates (Week 5)

    Springboro 15 Fairmont 14 Springboro went for 2 on the last score with just 2:11 left in the 4th
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 5 GAMES

    ## Favorite _________________ Points ______Underdog 01 St. Xavier ________x_________13.5 _______MOELLER 02 Lakota East __________x______9.5 _______MASON 03 PRINCETON ________x______14.5 _______Fairfield 04 Lakota West _______x_______ 16.5 _______HAMILTON 05 Wayne _____________x______ 10.5 ______...
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 4 GAMES

    ## Favorite _________________ Points ______Underdog 01 Moeller ___________________21.5 ____x__ IRONTON 02 LAKOTA WEST _______x_____ 4.5 _______Princeton 03 FAIRFIELD _________x_______ 3.5 _______Oak Hills 04 Springfield ________x_______ 17.5 ______ WAYNE 05 FAIRMONT ________x_______10.5 ______...
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    Winton Woods v Kings

    They were still winning.....
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    Thursday Updates (Week 3)

    Stebbins 41 west Carrolton 8 early 4th
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    Chaminade-Julienne (1-1) @ Kettering Fairmont (2-0)

    Cj was very young last year and would beat Bellbrook right now. Everyone was in so I wouldn't really count that as a "playoff" game they were 3-5 overall last year. Do you think Bellbrook could beat alter?Badin? no chance. The top tier teams in region 12 never have to worry about Bellbrook 😂.
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 3 GAMES

    ## Favorite ______________ Points ______Underdog 01 St. Xavier______x________ 22.5_______ OLENTANGY LIBERTY 02 Colerain_________x_______ 7.5 _______ MASON 03 Centerville _____x_________ 6.5 _______ LINCOLN (Gahanna) 04 WAYNE _______________ 17.5 ___x____Canton McKinley 05 Springfield...
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    Chaminade-Julienne (1-1) @ Kettering Fairmont (2-0)

    I agree here. They could potentially win region 12 this year.
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    Springfield vs Trotwood

    This wont be close 35-0 Springfield. Trotwood is young and will bounce back in 2022. This is just a down year.
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    Trotwood Madison @ Fairmont, Week 2

    One of them is huge. The others are undersized.
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 2 GAMES

    ## Favorite _____________________Points ___________Underdog 01 St. Xavier __________x___________9.5 _____________COLERAIN 02 Winton Woods ________________ 3.5 _____x________LA SALLE 03 Elder _____________x___________ 6.5 ______________PICKERINGTON CENTRAL 04 KINGS _______________________8.5...
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    2021 GMC Football

    Hamilton vs Edgewood has been cancelled due to covid. Also next weeks game of Hamilton vs Princeton.
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    2021 GMC Football

    It just takes the right guy. Krause did it a little over a decade ago. Someone like Jeff Graham, Arvie Crouch, or even possibly one of the CMAC guys. They could potentially get more kids playing. The last few hires had no record of winning as Head Coaches or building programs.
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    Week 2 Winton Woods v Lasalle

    The WW Defense looked REALLY good vs Trotwood. With that being said this current trotwood team is one of the least talented I've seen in recent years. Lasalle will be a good measuring stick for the warriors.
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    2021 Miami Valley League

    Was very surprised how close VB played Northmont. Thought this would have been a blowout. Sounds like good coaching is taking place.