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  1. Quest4Gold

    For Discussion

    I posted in the Divsion 1 post on my thought on getting the best ones to the next meet. I said that first 2 advance (8 total) then the next 10 fastest times. 18 runners would advance to regionals/state. At regionals you would run 3 prelims (6 per race) winners advance and then next 5 best...
  2. Quest4Gold

    Akron North's Coach Haslam R.I.P.

    Tragic news coming from Viking Country as Head Coach Sonil Haslam passed away unexpectedly last night after their Banquet last night. I don't have any details, but please keep his family and players in your prayers.
  3. Quest4Gold

    Saint Xavier 4-0 vs. Moeller 4-0

    Didn't see this on 1st three pages so I thought I would start one. Iust like to know everyone's opinion