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  1. Zunardo

    How do you transfer a video from iPhone to PC?

    I'd ask my sons, but they'd never let me hear the end of it, lol. So I create a short video on my iPhone, and i'm trying to transfer it to my PC to work on. I've looked at Apple's FAQ's, and I have iTunes and iCloud downloaded to my PC. But when I look at the Photos, it's a mess of...
  2. Zunardo

    Anybody still go shopping on Dec 26?

    Just curious if this was still a thing. For years my parents and sister would get up early on that day, head out, then crow about the steals and deals they picked up when they got home (I would just be rolling out of bed). My wife started joining them for a few years, but hasn't for some...
  3. Zunardo

    Why do submarine captains always say "Up (or down), periscope"?

    ....... Is the periscope voice-activated? Re-reading "The Hunt For Red October" for the umpteenth time and remembering various scenes on different submarines on TV from the 1960's - always thought the periscope could understand the captain and would automatically do what he said, lol...
  4. Zunardo

    Anybody here legally change their name?

    Anyone here go thru a name change as an older child, especially from parents being divorced/widowed and remarried? Or has anyone changed their name as an adult for reasons other than marriage? Going thru some old school photos, and I ran across some classmates I remember having their last...