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  1. Move The Chains

    2022 Dallas Cowboys

    Lets see if there are enough Cowboy fans on here to keep this a'float... if not we will just let it sink to the bottom. Hop on in if you are one!
  2. Move The Chains

    Head coaching and working at the school

    Do these always go hand in hand? Does anybody's school have a head coach that isn't employed at the school and how does it work?
  3. Move The Chains

    Do you root for your alma mater or someone else?

    Just something different here. Curious on how many people root for their alma mater or how many people moved and root for the school their kids went to
  4. Move The Chains

    2022 Division 4 Top Clubs

    Open thread across the state. Discussion about the Division 4 top clubs around the state, who you expect to see in the final 4, sleepers, anything else. Going to be another fun season