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  1. Zunardo

    “Blacks only” “Whites only” signs posted on water fountains at Colerain High School

    I can tell you're no whippersnapper, lol. Wow, had forgotten about SPN. That was on our Time Warner box when we first got cable over 30 years ago, and the box had the plastic sliding arrow moving left and right to change channels. I don't remember the show, but it wouldn't surprise me at all...
  2. Zunardo

    “Blacks only” “Whites only” signs posted on water fountains at Colerain High School

    Well-played. After reading the OP's link, first thing I thought of was the photos of KFC being pranked by someone changing the signboard "Serving whites only" or "Serving blacks only". Having said that, I don't think that kind of humor goes over well in schools these days, even more so when...
  3. Zunardo

    Ticket to attend high school sporting events

    The Obama phone uses the Hope And Change 2.0 operating system. The kids are hoping you'll change your mind and quit using cash.
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    Well, I'm certainly not Jethro Gibbs or Jack Reacher. But I do like really strong java. Got the chest hairs to prove it, lol. Just not at the expense of flavor. I used to think maybe my palate wasn't sophisticated enough for Starbucks. Turns out I'm not the only one who notices the burnt...
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    As many as 10 dead in mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket

    I plead ignorance also but I will guess the other guy wearing it is in that elite Ukrainian military unit that is aligned with white supremacists
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    Yes, but I don’t like that burnt taste all by itself.
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    Madison Cawthorn

  8. Zunardo


    That's the ultra-MAGA way! 😁 After all we've known about the company over the years, we shouldn't be shocked to hear Starbucks execs support abortion, trans awareness, illegal immigration, or the Dem/liberal views of just about any hot-button issue. If they're good enough at what they do and...
  9. Zunardo

    Let's Start A Good Thread. Best Concerts you've Ever Attended !

    Did he invite any fans to join him onstage? 😁 Hadn't seen this thread for a while. Saw the title "Best Concerts" and thought of seeing Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics in '82 for some reason, but that wasn't it! But there were some really cool moments, especially some of the opening...
  10. Zunardo

    2022 Dead Celebs/Athletes

    Took me a sec. (y)
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    Roe v Wade will be overturned according to SCOTUS draft

    Just wait til we roll out the ultra-MAGA tax. You ain't seen nuthin' yet.
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    White House hires lawyer Richard Sauber as it braces for potential GOP investigations after midterms

    How many focus groups did they go through before making that decision?
  13. Zunardo

    What are you watching?

    Wow. Just flashed back with a 1969 episode of the Carol Burnett Show that was forty years ahead of its time. Interesting skit where Carol interviews the first black president of the U.S., played by comedian Scoey Mitchell.
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    Not quite that bad, lol. But I disliked having to sit down and write so much that my procrastination skills were finely-honed. Some books I'd just skim thru, and remember enough highlights to make it up as I went along. Once I'd forgotten to write a Christmas-theme short story for class...
  15. Zunardo

    2022 Dead Celebs/Athletes

    Lost a childhood crush today. Maggie Peterson Mancuso, 81. Best known for playing "Charlene Darling" on the Andy Griffith Show.
  16. Zunardo

    Liberal media stoking the racial divide

    Much better, thanks. :cool:
  17. Zunardo

    As many as 10 dead in mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket

    Probably the most maddening one of all. At least with this Gendron character we have his own words as a starting point to work backwards from.
  18. Zunardo

    Liberal media stoking the racial divide

    Well, the headline is an accurate summary of the theme of the article, so I don't think it matters. As the author put it, "What unites murderers like Gendron ...... with the mainstream of the Republican party is the dream of a white nation." Mainstream definition: ideas, attitudes, etc...
  19. Zunardo

    Should federal student loan debt be cancelled?

    I hadn't heard that. Certainly possible that one or two recruiters misled some students at the location regarding job opportunities after school. It's all about selling possibilities. My impression of the Columbus site is that it's a serious school that will give you the knowledge and...