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    Religious belief that homosexuality is wrong is a crime according to this person Homophobia is not an opinion but a crime," Rouge Direct...
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    Biden Admin panics over potential overturn of Roe Just declare yourself as dictator and remove all of congress and SCOTUS...
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    Roe V Wade

    So I guess the decision leaked that SCOTUS will overturn Roe. This was probably done to get the mob in action. The overrun of Roe doesn’t abolish abortion. It puts the decision into the hands of the States where it should be.. Wahmin will still be able to murder their unborn in NY and CA.. In...
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    Satan’s Plan Sodom and Gomorrah

    1. Gender itself is no longer tied to biology 2. Nobody can tell their sons what it uniquely means to be a man 3. Nobody can tell their daughters what it uniquely means to be a woman 4. A high number of teens and young adults are now confused about whether they should be identified as male or...
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    This needs to be pointed out..

    So the brilliant and diabolical man who hacked the 2016 election for Trump Is now losing the social media war in addition to not doing so well in Ukraine, well so says the MSM anyway.
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    Putin against the Great Reset

    The Great Reset has come for Putin and the west is cheering. Of course this is a good thing I guess, until the Great Reset comes for you. Just ask the Canadian truckers. Do you know that Global Business is now your master? It’s official now. Never before in history has there been such...
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    You cant make this ish up. People at...
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    Eileen Gu Chinese sponsorships endorsements If you duck sick for $20 or $42,000,000 you are still a whore none the less. If you are an American citizen and sell out to China, not only are you are whore you are also a traitor.
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    SF Bay Area residents take homeless into their homes Comrades.. the time has come for the great leap forward in the marxist world view.. take a homeless person off the streets and provide them with food...
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    AntiFa Member attacked Freedom Convoy Just take a look at this communist scumbag.
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    Great Article in opposition to men competing against women There is no debate about men being flat out better at sports then women. The problem lies...
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    Paganism has taken over the Protestant Church.. Catholics are next. Its pretty much over for Protestants.. ELCA, UMC etc…. Next up Catlicks.
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    Hershey..The most hypocritical corporation on the planet? Whereas Hershey is opting to double down on the available COVID-19 vaccinations as a preventive health care measure, people can do more for their health by not eating Hershey products and exercising. Obesity, to which...
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    Pennsylvania mail in ballots Dems cheating as always.. They no longer have to “find” ballots in janitor’s closets and in trunks of cars.. just mail them in.
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    Pro Drug Dealer thread for Happy

    Happy says: Is there a pro drug dealer thread I missed. If Joe Rogan goes on the radio and say fentanyl is awesome give it a try....I would mock him. Post all articles you can find of high profile drug overdose deaths so we can equate then to people dying of COVID who were not in line with...
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    Heather Swason.. this might be the SP ever…
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    Train thieves in LA While criminals are being caught and arrested, charges are reduced to a misdemeanor or petty offense, and the person is back on the streets in less than 24 hours after paying a nominal fine. In fact, criminals boast to our officers...
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    Military Report States Covid 19 was created ie not natural One document, an August 13, 2021 report on Defense...
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    Facebook admits fact checking is just opinion No surprise .. no one except leftist are shocked by this.
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    No freedom of religion in Europe Can never happen here right?