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    Obetz, getting in and out, parking and tickets.

    I did not have that bad a problem, but I heard a lot of complaining and saw a bunch of people making things worse because they can't follow instructions, or maybe they are just more important than the rest of us. There is no way they could have it like they used to where the majority of people...
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    Good things from last year...

    At CVNP, Starting JV/open runners 30 seconds behind went so well last year that we did it again this year. Has anyone else thought this or other ideas that were used were good and used them again this season? There are other things in many parts of my life that seemed like some good ideas came...
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    It will be very interesting to see if Woodridge is within striking distance of Marlington D2 boys. How much work will be needed the rest of the season? How many teams , boys and girls, are serious contenders for the regional and State meets? Are some teams over rated? Underrated? I would...
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    Team and individual state champions.

    Ryan Champa of Woodridge was a state champion and on the state champion team in cross country. He was also a state champ in an event in track and field while on the state champion team. How often has that happened?