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    Tuesday, February 22 Final Scores

    Division I Centerville 81, Dayton Belmont 33
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    Division 3 State Champ

    Versailles or O-G
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    Saturday, January 29 Final Scores

    Waynesville 53 Oakwood 47 Spartans now 16-3
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    Friday, January 28 Final Scores

    Franklin 65 Waynesville 55
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    DIvision VI State Semifinal: Coldwater (12-2) vs West Jefferson (13-1)

    Good luck West Jeff but I think Coldwater names the score. 42-14 Cavs.
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    Final 4

    Waynesville scores late to beat Ottawa-Glandorf 1-0
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    Spartan Community Stadium in Waynesville
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    Waynesville up on Greeneview 17-3 late fourth. Offense much better tonight and defense looks tough.
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    Here I go... Waynesville Bellbrook Franklin Mariemont Monroe Brookville Carlisle Eaton Valley View Greeneview
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    FWIW Waynesville beat Goshen 20-0. Not sure what Goshen has player wise though…
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    Agreed. I wish we would play Massie, Wilmington, East Clinton, and Blanchester. All fairly similar sized schools with the exception of Wilmington.
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    Big Arrow I am not sure where you get your information. Preble Shawnee, Madison, and Carlisle are relatively the same size. Waynesville had one big class that pushed them over. Next year will be different. As for playing Clinton-Massie, again you are incorrect. That was a previous athletic...
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    Which Team's fanbases travel the best?

    I recall that happened when Cincinnati Wyoming played Germantown Valley View at Fairfield. VV was the visiting team and the bleachers were lousy. Wyoming only had maybe 500 fans in the stands, so Fairfield opened up the home stands to VV fans. VV filled alomst half of the home stands as well...
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    Dudebro, agreed. I am not sure how this will play out. The talent takes a bit of a dip and the competition skyrockets. I look for them to make the jump if this isn't fixed, but where do they go? I think maybe the Three Rivers with Milton and Northridge? Or else form a league with...
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    2021 Inaugural Season: Three Rivers Conference

    I would like to see Waynesville potentially join this league. I don't think they are particularly happy with the current SWBL alignment. I've always enjoyed playing Milton.
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    How do think the new alignment will work out? I don't see Waynesville going along with this for too long.
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    Yes the Waynesville players seem very enthusiastic with respect to the new staff. I have heard of rumblings in the community regarding the new alignment. Fans and administrators are not happy.