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    2022 Pittsburgh Steelers

    I reluctantly agree with you. I loved Ben and was at his last game at Heinz field but he was totally ineffective down the stretch this season. What made him great in his prime was his ability to extend plays and play sandlot football. The “get the ball out in 2 sec” offense made things too...
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    2022 Pittsburgh Steelers

    Just chiming in here…. I haven’t gone back to read all 31 pages of the thread. My $0.02 as a lifelong Steelers fan is that it would be a mistake to trade picks to move up in the draft and/or to trade picks to acquire a QB. There are too many holes on this team and they need all the picks they...
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    2022 NFHS Football Rule Changes Released

    Random thought, but somewhat related… Last college football season I saw at least two or three instances when the QB and WR weren’t on the same page. The WR ran a short route and the QB threw long. In each instance the QB was under no pressure in the pocket it was literally just a misread...
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    Furthest travel to " neutral site"

    With the issues they’re having finding willing neutral site hosts and decreased attendance I think OHSAA would be better off having the highest seeded teams host through the regional championship. Neutral sites wouldn’t come into play until state semi finals.
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    Furthest travel to " neutral site"

    The two teams in Pickerington are driving 30 miles East to play each other. 😂
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    Dublin Coffman Rocks 2021

    Is Liberty’s QB out? And does Orange have a chance at the upset here?
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    Freshman Football———Week 10

    Pick Central’s season ended Saturday with a 7-1-1 record.
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    Concessions that stray from the norm

    If you’re ever at Gahanna Lincoln try the “Bob Dog.” It’s a loaded up chili cheese dog but the jalapeño relish makes it great.
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    Division I Football Poll - Week 9 (10/18/21)

    Right… polls are meaningless right now. Let’s see how things play out the next 6 weeks.
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    D1 Region3, playoffs week 12

    It matters because the #4 will host the 4v5 game.
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    Dublin Coffman Rocks 2021

    Going back a few pages but the whole discussion about hiring coaches and using Pick Central as an example… Logically - yes if Coach Sharrett stepped down one would think we would promote from within the program. And I’m fairly certain we would if the AD was selecting the new coach. However...
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    D1 Region3, playoffs week 12

    Joe Eitel doesn’t have his projections up with high points win out, low points win out high points lose out, etc. I feel like in years past he’s had that up before week eight games are played. so are any of you mathematicians and cam post projections? I expect the current top 3 to win out...
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    Ask The Ref?

    Was that rule changed at some level? NCAA or NFL? Why is that in my brain?
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    Ask The Ref?

    If a player/team is penalized for taunting during a long TD run and the flag is thrown before the ball carrier has crossed the goal line, how is the penalty enforced? I thought a few years ago they changed the rule to enforce the penalty from the spot of the foul so if the player had yet to...
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    Freshman Games ——Week 5

    Pick Central 34 Hilliard Bradley 0
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    Battle of Pickerington.

    I was bummed last night but as a Tiger fan this is deja vu all over again. Feels like it did in 2019 Groveport. Hate to lose any game (especially this one) but this will humble and refocus the team. They’ll learn from the loss and be better to in the long run.
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    Freshman Games——Week 4

    Pickerington Central 35 Pickerington North 6
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    Outraged teams not coming out for the national anthem

    2020 threw things off because teams weren’t using locker rooms so generally teams were on the field earlier than usual. Otherwise it seems (at least in games I’ve attended) most teams come out after the anthem. In my 4 years of playing high school and 2 years sitting the bench while on a...
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    Freshman Games—-Week 3

    Pick Central 21 Reynoldsburg 12
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    Friday Updates (Week 3)

    Pickerington Central 28 North Allegheny PA 0 3rd Quarter