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    2021 Division I Poll Voting Discussion (Final)

    Ignore the losses for a moment. Who had the best wins in D1? Moe over Eds. Iggy over X. X over Lakota West. Pick North over Pick Central. Miamisburg over Springfield. Other???
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    Division 1, R4 Thread

    I never took the time to learn the Harbin math. I'm not complaining, just noting that D1 R4 is odd right now. Has it ever happened before that a 3 loss team that finished 3rd in their league won the region? To the Harbin experts, if Lakota West vs Hamilton had not been canceled and assuming...
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    Division 1, R4 Thread

    Moe is 3rd in GCL and 1st in region. Odd turn of events.
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    Senior week

    Many of us enjoy or suffer through the week to week performance of the Bombers. This week is a good time to reflect and celebrate with our seniors. The current senior class is defending state champs. They are back to back GCL champs. This includes winning the GCL by an unheard of combined...
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    Division I Football Poll - Week 9 (10/18/21)

    Four undefeated left with a chance to finish with an iconic season. Probably 4-8 other teams that can go on a run and win state. All regular season losses are forgiven if you end up with a ring.
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    2021 Football Opponent Results

    One interesting fact. Outside of the losses to St. X, our first 6 opponents are 22-8 for a .733 winning percentage.
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    Cincinnati GMC vs GCL

    LaSalle vs IMG is listed as unreported on GCL website.
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    Cincinnati GMC vs GCL

    I wonder if GMC coaches will vote Lakota West, Lakota East, and Colerain 1-3 like last year?
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    Cincinnati GMC vs GCL

    Is it even close? GMC is 8-11 outside of conference. GCL is 14-4 outside of conference including "unreported" LaSalle loss to IMG. Three teams undefeated in GMC play are 0-4 vs GCL.
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    2021 Division I Poll Voting Discussion (Week 6)

    St X had a chance to win GCL by 100+ points in 3 games with three running clocks. Defending state champs. They are easy #1. Ed's is easy #2. Springfield and Medina 3-4. Then a slew of less tested undefeated and good 1 loss teams. At this time, regardless of schedule, undefeated gets you in...
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    Week 6: Elder(2-3) vs. St. Xavier(5-0)

    OL should add 25+ pounds per year, DL 20+, LB/TE 15+, others 10+ . Of course height can impact some. Nutrition is critical. It's harder but not impossible for multi-sport players, especially wrestlers. If this is not happening then it will be hard to compete with premier programs at varsity...
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    Week 6: Elder(2-3) vs. St. Xavier(5-0)

    Elder will be fine. It's a down year so what. These things are cylical. Several of the X seniors started 2 years ago when Elder beat them twice. But now these X boys became men. What X is doing unbelievably well right now is off-season and in-season strength and conditioning. I don't know...
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    X v. Elder

    I expect a similar game as Moeller. X will dominate play by play but Elder will hit a couple big plays. Running clock in 4th quarter.
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    2021 Division I Poll Voting Discussion (Week 5)

    At this point undefeated gets a top 10 vote for me. Lakota West is top 1 loss team. X, Ed, Springfield as top 3 in that order. Could have some great undefeated teams as we enter playoffs.
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    Week 5: Elder(2-2) vs. Louisville St. Xavier(2-1)

    2 years ago Elder had an offensive line that was best in state. And they almost were state Champs. This year they don't. Creative play calling and sound defense are important (ask Pick Central). Playmakers are important. But D1 football requires big strong dudes up front to make it all work...
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    Saint Xavier 4-0 vs. Moeller 4-0

    X was better players 1-22 period. Moe has a couple dangerous playmakers and is a good team. Maybe Moe can compete/beat Lakota West right now. But X may have 15 D1 players on their team right now. Starting to feel like X and Eds with Springfield trying to stay relevant and everyone else...
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    How have the crowds been at the games you've attended?

    Announced 19245 to watch X vs Moe tonight.
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    2021 Division I Poll Voting Discussion (Week 4)

    X, St Ed, and Springfield are the clear top 3. Pick Central, Elder, and Princeton down and out for now. Pick North gets some love. Lakota West climbs higher. Moeller has a chance this weekend to upset X and move into the top 5.
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    2021 Division I Poll Voting Discussion (Week 3)

    StX and Pick Central have to be 1-2 until they get knocked off. Defending state champs and 25-1 last 26 games.
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    Lakota West

    X did not win because Bolden was bad. As others have mentioned, there were several dropped passes. X won that game with the off season strength and conditioning program. LW first cramp was with 6:30 left in the first quarter. They stopped play at least 5 more time for LW cramps. Beyond...