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    Mahon out at Hamilton

    But you know CPS will screw it up eventually.
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    Mahon out at Hamilton

    Taft’s Tyler Williams?
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    Mahon out at Hamilton
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    2021 Cincinnati Bengals

    Don't pick the Rams to quickly. They have lost 6 in a row to San Fran...
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    And they wonder why enrollment is down. Shady BS has been going on with most sports teams at Lasalle for years! And you wonder why more and more kids are going to Elder and Bacon from Lasalle's usual feeder schools.
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    2021 Cleveland Browns Thread

    How empty will the stadium be on Sunday?
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    Around the AFCN 2021

    Doubt they have the Browns play on a short week with playing Monday this week.
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    Cooper Kupp moves closer to single-season reception, receiving yardage records

    Did TJ play in either of the games vs the Bengals?
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    GMC 21-22 Basketball

    Oak Hills had 2 FTs with 0.8 left in regulation with the game tied, and missed both, then lost in OT.
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    New Years Bowl Pick'em Contest Results

    Auburn NC State Iowa State Oklahoma Michigan St Texas A & M Alabama under 58 1/2 Georgia over 43 1/2 Arkansas Kentucky Notre Dame Ohio State under 64 1/2 Baylor Bama by 10
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    Bowl Mania- Pick 'Em

    Toledo Coastal Carolina Western KY Jackson State Fresno State BYU Liberty Oregon State Marshall Tulsa San Diego State Missouri Miami (OH) Florida Memphis Georgia State Western Michigan Boston College Auburn Air Force Mississippi State NC State Minnesota SMU Maryland Clemson Oklahoma...
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    Urban Meyer out.

    The rookie coach and QB worked just fine in Arizona.
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    Ohio State Buckeyes 2021

    Collin Oliver? Kid was a stud with 12.5 TFL and 9.5 sacks as a true freshman.
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    Comment by 'lasalle9802' in pool '2021 NFL Pickem'

    When did week 11 open? Missed all Thursday picks
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    CFP 2021

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    Roger Bacon’s Brian Neal to step down following 21-22 season

    His son will graduate this year and I believe his daughter will be a freshman. I guessing that had a major part in the decision.
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    SWO King of the Spread Pick'em: Round 3 games

    01 St. Xavier ____________________10.5 ___X_____Lakota West 02 Moeller _________X_____________14.5 ________Princeton 03 La Salle _____________________13.5 ____X____ Winton Woods 04 Springfield _______X____________17.5 ________Findlay 05 Marysville ___________________ 12.5 ____X____Whitmer 06...
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    Prosecutors Can't Call Two Men Kyle Rittenhouse Fatally Shot 'Victims' During Trial: Judge

    Did you see the prosecutor as soon as he said this? He knows it over now.