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    What’s your thoughts on this one? Sad story. Still not legal to fire a gun within city limits. I’ve never walked outside and shot a gun in the air to celebrate the New Year.
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    It starts in schools. I know I’m not telling anyone what they don’t already know. However, I just wanted this highlighted. All our progressive kumbaya ideas are failing. “Alternate consequences” pushed by Obama’s pipeline to prison push are...
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    Re-assigned after not agreeing about the NFL slave trade. Really? This is absolutely absurd yet comical all at once.
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    NFL… Sneaky!Sneaky! I think it’s interesting that on the surface the NFL quickly separated themselves from the “movement”, but not if you dig deeper!
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    Yaaay Globalism! Islamaphobia bill? We are going to attempt to set up a special office to protect Islam worldwide? I know that the article is noting the roadblocks, and the bill this nut job submitted would never be passed as is, but this type of...
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    “Being trans has not affected my ability to do this sport and being able to continue is very rewarding.” Another spot at Penn gone from an actual woman… This person (is that ok to use?) won the 1650 Free by 38 seconds! That is an eternity in swimming. It’s ok, this person feels validated. One...
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    Police just can’t win. I feel like the officer was very kind and attempting to explain things calmly to a young man while he was following procedure and securing the area. The kid got out of the car, the officer handled him very...
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    Football Website + Debate Forum Figured this would be a nice topic to discuss in this space. I for one am not opposed to drag queens or kings as they’re called now. I do have an issue if I bring my kid to a FOOTBALL game and then have to be...
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    Full investigation! You can’t make this stuff up. Is fiction writing even a thing anymore? Who needs it? Abhorrent to kneel during a Spanish speaking song but not the National Anthem, got it😆😂🤣.
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    Now we want “accountability”? Amazing how quickly we flip flop.
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    Mo Miller

    Maurice Miller of McKinley HS and ND College fights in UFC Contender series tonight on ESPN+ @ 8pm! GOOD LUCK MO!
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    Friday Night Ohio

    Friday Night Ohio used to be a nicely put together news source for HS football around the NE area, what happened? It’s incorporated into the CantonRep and I’m sure other local “online” newspapers, but it’s a total joke. They don’t even have recaps but for a few games. Definitely dropping my...
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    How are politics affecting HS sports?

    I thought I’d post this to get some of the politicking going on in the Football forum. The McKinley thread has turned into a bit of a political argument. Many McK fans are upset with the team kneeling during parts/all of the National Anthem. How are politics affecting HS sports? Are any other...
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    Let’s play a game.

    Which female in the picture is Bill banging?
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    A bit ridiculous…

    I posted a score prediction in the Massillon-GO thread, which was this: “Massillon 38-6 (The 6 comes in garbage time)” I t was deleted and I was removed from the thread 🤣.
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    The Guardians… Now all the SJW fans will flock to Progressive field. The benefits of this name change are innumerable 🤦🏻‍♂️.
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    Maybe they should shut up and play? Maybe it’s time Rapinoe and squad start worrying about soccer and actually playing rather than social justice? Soccer gave them their “platform”...
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    NFLs new Woke ad🤣😂 “Football is lesbian. Football is beautiful. Football is queer. Football is life. Football is exciting. Football is culture. Football is transgender. Football is heart. Football is...
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    Rotunda=Racism Wow, just wow.
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    He was a “doting” father… Waving guns, shooting people? Regardless of race, I believe those are the things that will catch up with you sooner or later.