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    Marion Local vs Anna

    This is going to be a close game. Even if Peyton Otte plays don't expect him to run much plus the Flyers may be with out one of their receivers who ran a kick off for a td vs Versailles. Defense and zero turnovers will have to win this game for ML. 21 - 7 Flyers but it might be close, ML is...
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    Biden's Unvaccinated were Hitler's Jews Unvaxxed Americans are a threat to SJ's view of Socialist America as were the Jews to Hitler's view of Nazi Germany. Authoritarian regimes need a scapegoat.
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    More Liberal Social Engineering

    UCLA consider black students stupid so Professors have to grade them differently :
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    Texas Abortion Ruling

    If DeSantis does not run for POTUS in 24, I hope Abbott does :
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    Biden cares more about Haitians than he does about Americans in Afghan. F*** Haiti till we get every American out of Afghan. Let the liberals great China take care of Haiti.
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    California Burning

    California is burning once again. Half the state is fleeing from fire and the other half is in bunkers from covid. Need DeSantis to move to Cali. to get the former Golden state to be Golden once again.
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    Spring Football

    Ryan Day is pushing for Spring Football in Ohio and believes it is going to happen :
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    AI Congress

    Would you prefer AI ( artificial intelligence ) lawmakers ? : I would take it a step farther and have the POTUS AI as well.
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    Space Commander Fired How far left has wacky Joe gone or whoever is running our country.