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  1. frecriss

    Democrat Senator Threatening Revolution

    Also engaging in intimidating the Supreme Court
  2. frecriss

    Ketchup packets will kill us all!!!!!!!
  3. frecriss

    Government Schools Are Trash Another example of hate filled liberals using segregation and physical assault to spread "inclusion" BS. Government schools are garbage, government teachers unions are garbage, government school boards...
  4. frecriss

    Susan Rice is President

    It's becoming very obvious:
  5. frecriss

    Is Chicago the most dangerous city in the world?
  6. frecriss

    Another Criminal Democrat
  7. frecriss

    What if an 0-10 team makes the playoffs?

    Division 1 Region 1. It's shaping up as a realistic scenario with Euclid and Lorain. Only seventeen teams in the region and those two are tied at #16, both 0-6. Week seven for Lorain looks like their only chance, Euclid is going 0-10.
  8. frecriss

    How long can Babbles hide Hunter's criminal behavior
  9. frecriss

    Another Cuomo in hot water
  10. frecriss

    Biden should be in prison for tax evasion
  11. frecriss

    More Asian hate by Blacks
  12. frecriss

    Inner-City Women Waking Up

    They are finally understanding that the Democrats will do nothing for them.
  13. frecriss

    Does The United States have an allies left?

    With the British Parliament recently holding Biden in contempt, the question is: Do we have any allies left? We know the Democrats have allies with the EU, UN, China and Iran, but do we, as a country have any?
  14. frecriss

    How will liberals play this one? Will they be Islamophobic or Transphobic?
  15. frecriss

    Another Democrat Pedo
  16. frecriss

    Pentagon on Lockdown
  17. frecriss

    Most Important Dates in American History

    What are the most important dates in American History? These are my top 10: 1. April 19, 1775 2. July 4th, 1776 3. September 3rd, 1783 4. June 21st, 1788 5. February 2nd, 1848 6. January 1st, 1863 7. April 9th, 1865 8. June 2nd, 1924 9. June 6th, 1944 10. November 8th, 2016
  18. frecriss

    More Democrat Hypocrisy
  19. frecriss

    Why is Juneteenth a National Holiday and June 2nd isn't?

    We all know what Juneteenth is, but why is there never any mention of June 2nd? June 2nd, 1924 is the date that President Calvin Coolidge signed The Indian Citizenship Act into law. This law finally granted citizenship to Native peoples. hard to believe that it took until 1924 for all people...
  20. frecriss

    American Pipeline? NO! Russian Pipeline? YES!