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    Is there a mercy rule in soccer?

    Kind of like a running clock in football routs.
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    Great Lakes tunnel?

    Would it be feasible to dig a tunnel from the Great Lakes, probably Michigan and Superior, to the American southwest to relieve the water shortage there?
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    Are you allows to bring food into a stadium?

    Is it an OSHAA rule, or each school system has it own policy? From my experience I know that there flasks taken into the stadium.
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    Movies A question about foreign movies

    I have been burning up Netflix because of all this covid nonsense. Lately I've been watching mostly European movies about gangsters and other crime crap. It seems like whenever the crooks want to tangle with another gang, they grab baseball bats. Since when are baseball bats prevalent in...
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    A game that lived up beyond anyone's expectations

    A two-run walk off homer leads the Sox to victory in the Field of Dreams game.
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    2021 St. Ignatius soccer

    The 2021 squad opened up with a scrimmage versus Olentangy Liberty with a 5-0 victory. First varsity game is against Avon Lake on August 21. Ignatius is going for its 11th state title and seventh mystical national title.
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    Does time exist for God?

    Is time a man-made invention based on the movement of certain planets and stars?
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    I couldn't locate my previous post about Sen. Manchin switching parties, BUT ...

    In a signed oped piece in today's largest W. Va. newspaper, Manchin announced that he would not vote for H.R. 1, the Dems proposed overhaul of the voting system. He additionally added that he would not vote for the Dems plan to kill the filibuster. So just be done with it and announce you are...