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    NWOAL Pick'em Contest Week 3

    I was pretty surprised by how much better Swanton did against Ottawa Hills. Swanton actually led at halftime.
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    Northern Buckeye Conference 2021

    Slightly off topic but does it look like they'll be really good at basketball again in the next season?
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    Rebels Without A Name

    They are changing to Blue Racers or something like that.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    I don't get the feeling there is a big push by non school officials to move in Swanton either. More like, if it happens, it happens. I doubt people are excited about joining a league with long drives to Montpelier and Edon though. Toledo area schools make more sense and would be more palatable.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    Just to add some information on the topic: It's kind of hard to find prior year all sport standings, but here is the last full school year. Archbold 53.5, Bryan 53, Wauseon 48.5, Liberty Center 48, Swanton 35.5, Evergreen 29.5, Patrick Henry 27.5 and Delta 23.5. Last year, Wauseon was first in...