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    Way too early predictions for next year?

    In the west, I think it'll be a crapshoot. Beavercreek loses their lefty setter/opp and big Middle who are both big parts. They do return a very good OH. Centerville has most of the studs. Lose only all state OH, but has some solid players returning, especially big M1 Northmont was all Juniors...
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    Top Teams in the State

    I predicted it earlier...I hope Badin doesn't think that it's gonna be an easy match.
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    Tournament discussion/predictions?

    Well, it's getting close to that time of year when the tournament draws come up. Here's what I think... South D1 - should be interesting. I think Moe and Elder are hitting their stride, X has taken a few hits lately, and Walnut Hills seems to be playing at a high level as well. Sycamore and...