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  1. EagleGuy

    Golf 2021

    I have never had an ace nor an eagle! I did get a double-eagle on a short par 5 with a one iron (!). I saw the ball hit in front of the green and take a couple low, short bounces and then lost it. My dad and son did not see the flag move nor did I. Thought for sure the ball rolled off the the...
  2. EagleGuy

    Enjoy the first day of summer...

    Just because it was on the tube this morning...
  3. EagleGuy

    Enjoy the first day of summer...

    That is an improvement. Be safe. My niece, hubby and new-born live in San Antonio. Their air conditioning went out Saturday and the repairman could not get there until today. :( 92 here today and only 80 tomorrow with rain. Then back to seasonable 80's. Drink agua/gatorade, guys!
  4. EagleGuy

    Enjoy the first day of summer...

    Now, I feel old. :(
  5. EagleGuy

    PET SONG of the DAY

  6. EagleGuy

    Legalized Sports Betting Coming To Ohio

    Mike (aka Susie)? And, you know what happens next.
  7. EagleGuy

    A Trip to Washington D.C.?

    HI: Sign up for the member program for automatic room upgrades. And then, you can honestly say. 'but I stayed at a Holiday Inn'!
  8. EagleGuy

    Arthur Treacher’s closes down in Garfield Heights, leaving only 1 left in Ohio

    Made me look. Ah yes, Jeeves. For a moment there, I was a whippersnapper. lol
  9. EagleGuy

    A Trip to Washington D.C.?

    The Westin is convenient and the Holiday Inn on nearby Eisenhower will do fine. Theisman's is good and reasonable. Great lunch subs at Cafe Gallery. Cafe Gallery and Market in Carlyle Towers...
  10. EagleGuy

    Let's start a good thread. List something positive today.

    Humidity down today. Blue skies and white clouds accented with slightly dark bottoms. Incredible. Finished organizing and cleaning my workshop, including the two squirrel carcasses behind my stack of wood. 🤫 Just need to put the tools back I have been using in the house - though I don't know...
  11. EagleGuy

    Best Television Theme Songs

    Listening now. Don't know why I did not watch this when it ran. On my to-do list. Thought this sounded like EDM and just realized it is the dance version. The comments are pretty funny - and x-file like.
  12. EagleGuy

    Girl Scouts say they have 15 million boxes of unsold cookies

    Dibs on the Thin Mints! And, I'm not sharing. I've heard the Samoas are good, too.
  13. EagleGuy

    KARMA ~ real or not

    I call bs! 😂
  14. EagleGuy

    The Official 2021 Cincinnati Reds Thread

    My first thought. My second thought was that in some roundabout way they would work this into relief pitcher. Yet, if they get what they 'got' then what's the point? Yesterday's game was sickening. :(
  15. EagleGuy

    The Official 2021 Cincinnati Reds Thread

    Reds purchase first baseman's contract.
  16. EagleGuy

    Great News for a Mars Colony!

    Yikes!!! Gives new meaning to "there's a big world out there". 👾👾👾 Crawl into bed (or, under it), lie in an ultra-tight fetal position and pull the covers over the head, firmly tucking them in on all sides. or..... Get out there and explore! 🚀
  17. EagleGuy

    If God knows what we are going to do, then do we really have freedom of choice?

    Does this mean there is, in fact, only one moment and, therefore, there is no path - except for that one moment? (Think the math set {1}. Now, if there are micro-moments I can see that. But then again, wouldn't everything that has already happened would have happened in a single micro-moment...