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  1. EagleGuy

    Have You Become Your Father?

    I can see this in me - to some extent. For example, I usually drive 5-10 mph slower on freeways than I used to drive. - in the right hand lane, of course. No hurry. Have you become your father? If so, how?
  2. EagleGuy

    Do You Have Long Term Insurance?

    Whether to buy long term insurance or not is an issue many do not like to think about - much like wills/trusts and the number of related documents. I'd like to get the coverage, but am not fond of the ever-increasing cost. Do you have or have you thought about buying long term insurance? Thoughts?
  3. EagleGuy

    Bestest Hot Dogs

    What is the best hot dog brand (poll) and your favorite dog house/dog? I had Ball Park yesterday and like OM, too. Tried Nathan's a while back and was somewhat disappointed. Meh...