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  1. Sykotyk

    Is High School football for the kids, or is it for the adults?

    First, you've got to separate parents from the rest of the adults. Some parents are good. We all know the "I didn't make it, so my kid must succeed" or "my kid is a superstar and everyone else is blind" parent who think it's a reflection of them. Most parents are just supporting their kids in...
  2. Sykotyk

    Open Weeks - updated 6/19

    Nope. Kirtland is heading to Pittsburgh. Keep in mind, Westinghouse is a city school in the PPS. However, they're the smallest "regular" high school in Pittsburgh. They also have a co-op with Wilkinsburg, who gave up football several years ago.
  3. Sykotyk

    Midwest Athletic Conference BLOCKS Stateline Sports Network On Twitter

    Dave, there's only one reason you so desperately want people's real names. And it's a little more than suspicious. You want retribution. Sorry. You're a grifter living off others works. Also, best way to draw an audience isn't to belittle, talk down to, or criticize them.
  4. Sykotyk

    OHSAA - Pro Football HOF Announcement

    If the old Crew stadium had turf, it would be the perfect venue size and location for the games. But if the HOF is that eager to have the games it's hard to not go where you're wanted.
  5. Sykotyk

    Teams In Jeopardy of Not Fielding Full Team in 2021

    I agree. Should be a 2 year cycle and proof of success at 8man with adequate numbers to come back up. But this would be aided by the ohsaa actually having a protocol in place. Which they don't.
  6. Sykotyk

    HS Football Junkies weekly watched games....

    Central Valley is a fun school to cover. The merger of Monaca (mo-knock-ah) and Center worked out really well for them. Farrell is one of the smallest public schools in the state. Their enrollment # is 71 by OHSAA standards. Sports are huge for the school. That field goal landed right in front...
  7. Sykotyk

    HS Football Junkies weekly watched games....

    Of the past two years' PA title games you watched, which ones stood out for you, good or bad? I'm guessing the Avonworth-SC game is at the bottom of the list unless you love huge mismatches and blowouts.
  8. Sykotyk

    Teams In Jeopardy of Not Fielding Full Team in 2021

    Talked to the AD on the sideline of their game against Stryker. They were very adamant in trying to get back to 11 man. 8-man was just a stopgap to that objective. My guess is they're trying to move back when as a private school, with Covid happening and crunching a lot of families' available...
  9. Sykotyk

    Any schools struggling to replace their turf fields?

    That 25-40k figure is also for a good grass field getting a lot of use. Most grass fields get varsity and maybe jv games and are otherwise unused the rest of the year to keep them in good condition. They also are lumped into general landscaping costs of the rest of the school grounds. Tractors...
  10. Sykotyk

    Great Clips North Vs South All-Star game North 34 South 33 OT

    Utterly ridiculous. Not like fans would want to know who was who....
  11. Sykotyk

    HS Football Junkies weekly watched games....

    Just so you're aware, the PSAL (NYC public schools) are playing spring football until the end of June. There are some games streamed. Mostly through YouTube. Entirely dependent on the school hosting. Went to two games last week. There are three this week I'm going to.
  12. Sykotyk

    HS Football Junkies weekly watched games....

    I don't believe so. I'll try to confirm for you. Edit: no. They didn't. 6 game season with one week at the end got whatever extra game the teams wanted to play (or not).
  13. Sykotyk

    OHSAA approves 16 football playoff teams per region

    Definitely my preferred way. Other than just all the games scheduled reasonably at one stadium on one ticket with no huge gap between games. But OHSAA is incessant on making sure the few hundred fans who will go to more than one game have to pay. Meanwhile that forces everyone to have Thursday...
  14. Sykotyk

    2021 all-star games info

    Really nice stadium Independence has. School had a really cool look with the collanades.
  15. Sykotyk

    McKinley High School football head coach Marcus Wattley, seven assistant coaches suspended

    If you're punished for not attending, it's not voluntary. And there's restrictions on when practices can take place. Sure, everyone wink wink nudge nudge makes them required, but they don't so brazenly make it obvious to the rest of the world.
  16. Sykotyk

    Teams In Jeopardy of Not Fielding Full Team in 2021

    Youngstown area usual suspects Sebring Mathews
  17. Sykotyk

    St. Thomas Aquinas Disaster?

    Week 1 would be tough. Indiana and Kentucky are only nearby states starting that early. PA starts the next weekend.
  18. Sykotyk

    School Administrators need to make a big effort to bring back the fans

    It might be the school had the option of passing the fee onto the fan or covering it as part of the expense of running the event. My experience is limited to mostly asking how they handled it and a few times where everyone was issued a ticket, even if comped, because of contact tracing purposes
  19. Sykotyk

    School Administrators need to make a big effort to bring back the fans

    Especially considering the old physical ticket included the cost of buying, distributing, and accounting for those rolls of tickets. And then handling the money. So why do online tickets charge a surcharge for something previously covered by the ticket cost? And we've been told that the online...