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    Midwest Athletic Conference BLOCKS Stateline Sports Network On Twitter

    So Dave's personal blog was blocked by the MAC? Fine by me. Let's not pretend that SSN has any credibility as a "media network." I don't think anyone views SSN as trustworthy or actual news. I haven't seen a positive thing shared about SSN on Yappi once (and I don't ever see it mentioned outside...
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    Western Buckeye League 2021

    Here are the WBL schedules for this upcoming season. Quick thoughts on them: If Elida keeps their momentum from last year, they could have a strong start to their season with their three-game home stand. If Kenton is going to be a threat this year, they're going to have to win some big games...
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    McKinley High School football head coach Marcus Wattley, seven assistant coaches suspended

    If they didn't care what others thought, they wouldn't have bothered to release a public statement.
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    McKinley High School football head coach Marcus Wattley, seven assistant coaches suspended

    False and exaggerated...? I would've thought Wattley would have a better statement than that. :LOL: Ah, yes. I have heard about the extraordinary lessons Coach Meyer and Coach Day "sit alone and eat an entire pepperoni pizza while teammates work hard in front of you to show you how you need to...
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    Keystone, large unknown, to be state contender

    I'm not sure that really fits the conversation that's going on here. When Keystone lost to Clyde/Van Wert (the eventual state champs in 2019/2020), Keystone wasn't "exposed." They lost to Clyde 20-28 and Van Wert 27-38. The only other final score that was close for Clyde in the 2019 playoffs was...
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    Teams In Jeopardy of Not Fielding Full Team in 2021

    Don't quote me here, but of the schools mentioned so far here's what I found from googling/their athletic websites -- These schools have soccer: Cincinnati Country Day, Finneytown (3-time state champ), Cory-Rawson, and Mathews (co-ed) These schools don't: MVCA, Vanlue, Jefferson Township...
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    Western Buckeye League 2021

    How do Defiance folks feel about this hire? Expected? Surprised? Optimism? Status quo? Curious to see how the Defiance football program will change philosophically with their style and cleaning up a lot of the small mistakes that, stacked upon one another, ruined a lot of their games.
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2021

    To be fair, this is already happening. Celina and Kenton have had their annual games with Versailles/Coldwater. Elida was in the midst of a home-and-home with Delphos St. John's in 2019 & 2020 seasons (and has played them in the past). Shawnee in the not-so-distant past did a 6 game series with...
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    Well Traveled Mauro Returns To Ohio To Coach Fairview

    I'm a WBL guy. Not even associated with Fairview and don't know Mauro in any personal or professional way. I think a lot of these comments show antiquated views and expectations of how school staff should not only do their jobs, but also exist in their jobs. That's been the premise of most of my...
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    Well Traveled Mauro Returns To Ohio To Coach Fairview

    So now we aren't just talking about the Fairview program possibly being "devastated" by this hire, we're also talking about betrayal. Jeez louise y'all are dramatic. Give me a break with that holier than thou nonsense. My two cents are that if you complete your one year contract and change jobs...