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    Critical Race Theory

    "I'm shocked!", said no one.
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    The Cultural Revolution is upon us

    If a Yale speaker talked about killing black people to spark deeper talk about race, half the cities in the United States would be burning right now. Burn Loot Murder.
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    2021 Women's College World Series

    I was pulling for Florida State, but that Oklahoma team was loaded with offensive firepower and deserved to win. They were the best team all year and proved it by winning the title. I only watch softball this time of the year and it can be pretty exciting. There were plenty of homers and...
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    Great News for a Mars Colony!

    Our universe is absolutely mind-boggling big. Our human minds can't comprehend the vastness. NASA estimates 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe. The Milky Way galaxy alone has approx. 250 billion stars, many (most?) with planets, moons, comets, asteroids, etc. ET is out there...
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    Are you better off since Bidens been in office?

    There weren't any cicadas swarming outside when Trump was in office. I blame Biden.
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    MSNBC: American flag is “disturbing”

    I find MSNBC disturbing.
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    Do you eat fake meat?

    No. Just no. If you want "fake meat", why not eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, potatoes, etc. instead? No need for a fake hamburger or steak.
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    Why do you like/ dislike the NBA?

    I loved watching the NBA during the Magic & Lakers versus Bird & Celtics rivalry. Also, the Michael Jordan era was fun, but I can't even watch a few minutes of an NBA game today.
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    Democratic violent city updates

    Soon we'll be seeing new murals, T-shirts, statues and shrines for this great black role model idol hero saint. He was just getting ready to turn his life around.
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    LeBronJames proves how dumb he is again

    This pretty much sums up my feelings about LeBron, with one notable exception: I lost all respect for him when he supported the disingenuous BLM movement and doxed a white cop for saving a black girl's life. LeBron has a lot of clout and instead of wasting time supporting BLM and doxing a...
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    KARMA ~ real or not

    No. People have both good and bad things happen to them all the time, whether they do good things or bad things. It's just a matter of time and waiting. Unless it's a direct cause-effect (action-consequence), it's just coincidence.
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    Doubledribble, the AARP Boys and Diva

    I always confuse B.J. Thomas with B.W. Stevenson. "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Maria" ;) 78 is too young. RIP B.J. Thomas
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    BLM popularity decline blamed on GOP says the New York Times

    Mostly peaceful riots protests.
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    Have You Become Your Father?

    A couple years ago, I was talking to some young people and I mentioned Lawrence Welk. Blank looks. They never heard of him. Worse yet, many years ago, a young woman at my workplace never heard of William Shakespeare. I thought she was joking. She wasn't. I can understand never hearing of...
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    Have You Become Your Father?

    Some of those softball "babes" ain't so hot... ...but, then again, some aren't too bad either. ;)
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    Are you still wearing a mask?

    I am fully vaccinated. I wear a mask when required by the establishment and don't wear a mask when not required. My Kroger store still has a "Mask required" sign, but Meijer's has a "No mask required if fully vaccinated."
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    Have You Become Your Father?

    Somewhat, but with some major differences, too. Just recently, I commented that I'm turning into my dad. Dad used to love watching the women's NCAA softball tournament and I found myself watching several games last week. He used to eat a bowl of ice cream every night and lately I've been...
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    Are you looking forward to the UFO info release?

    Aliens. Definitely aliens. From the Orion Constellation. I'm sure of it. Buzz Aldrin said so. Or was it Buzz Lightyear? :unsure:
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    Are you looking forward to the UFO info release?

    But, don't you love arguments from ignorance? "I have no idea what those lights in the sky were. Experts don't even have a clue what they were. They had to be aliens."