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    Your thoughts on the 2021 OHSAA Track and Field Championship?

    First it is a blessing that Ohio athletes had an opportunity to even compete this year. Trying to watch the live stream on 3 different devices took some doing for a 67 year old. And boy do I miss coaching Ohio track and field.
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    Who will be the OHSAA Track and Field Team State Champions?

    After the first day it looks like West Liberty Salem may have too much for the field. In D3 they should when by 7 over Mt Gilead. I like Oakwood in D3 and Mentor In D3. After the D1 HJ any chance Gah.Lincoln had flew out the window.
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    Who will be the OHSAA Track and Field Team State Champions?

    When Johnson came thru in that 4X800 relay it may have given Mt. Gilead a slight lead over WLS.
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    The broadcasters are not familiar with the athletes or schools. And at times they seem to know little about the events.
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    Good Luck at State

    Does anyone know what kind of live streaming Ohiomilesplit will be having ?
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    Regional updates

    Thank God for the two extra qualifying spots. At the D2 regional at Lexington the fifth place finisher Gilmour’s thrower threw a 39-4.75 good enough to win two of the four regionals.
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    Best District 2021 performance?

    Marlington finished fifth in their district. They have a solid 4X800 relay and are having a good year as a team. But what’s the fuss all about.
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    Kill the District Meet.

    Thank you. It gets a little lonely here in Georgia.
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    Kill the District Meet.

    Does anyone know if there will be live streaming of the track regional meets. And if so does anyone have a link for the D2=Lexington Meet.