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    What is the status of a 4th Division for CC/Track?

    My understanding is that the BoD didn't even take it up, citing their previous decision to not make any changes to divisions in any sport this year.
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    Bizzarri Mile

    Also note...when the rule changed, I know Michigan continued to consider watches jewelry and would not allow them. runs4funs, if you are from a different state than Ohio, you might be correct that they aren't permitted in your state.
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    Bizzarri Mile

    It was considered jewelry up until the early 90s, and thus outlawed with the rest of the jewelry during that time. I was an underclassmen when our girl's 4x400 team got disqualified at a dual/tri because one of the girls was wearing a watch. By the time I was a senior the rule changed to make...
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    6th grade participation in JH

    I can't find it now, but at one time the Ohio Department of Education had published something that it was their belief that students below grade 7 should not compete in interscholastic athletics and should focus on intramurals. I'm pretty sure this statement by the ODE is why the OHSAA has...