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  1. InTheDarke

    2024 Miami Valley League

    Greenville can't get any lower. The only thing that would qualify, is if the football stadium got hit by a tornado. Oh yeah, about that... But MAYBE with a new coach, they can start dig out of that hole.
  2. InTheDarke

    Who is on your county’s Sports Mt Rushmore?

    Darke County Matt Light Craig Stammen Clayton Murphy Rick Macci
  3. InTheDarke

    MVL 2023-24

    I know you meant 4-11, but I bet it feels like 4-111. I understand the feeling.
  4. InTheDarke

    Friday, January 19 Final Scores

    Greenville 49 Troy 40
  5. InTheDarke

    MVL 2023-24

    I think we should consider kicking Fairborn and Piqua out of the league after losing to Greenville. 😏
  6. InTheDarke

    Programs That Need A Change

    Unless they've hired someone in the last week and I missed it, yes.
  7. InTheDarke

    Programs That Need A Change

    The program was typically mediocre, but still reasonably competitive before 2020. I'm hoping it's only a hiccup, and things can pick up. It CAN happen, with the right coach and commitment to building up a system. But I'm afraid they'll just hire someone's dad to be coach for the sake of having a...
  8. InTheDarke

    How does your team look for 2024 ?

    Let me put it this way. I expect to see my school on Drew's list for consecutive losses next year. I sincerely hope not, but it's a real possibility.
  9. InTheDarke

    MVL 2023-24

    It never used to be this way. We always at the very least would compete. It seems to be a problem in most of the sports if we're just hiring coaches as placeholders. I'd love to see some of that softball program mojo spread out across the board.
  10. InTheDarke

    MVL 2023-24

    Greenville? Maybe worse competitively than the football team was. I get it, it's just high school sports, but it's embarrassing. There's no excuse.
  11. InTheDarke

    MVL Pick Em Final Round

    Always fun to do! Thanks for putting in the time to keep it going!
  12. InTheDarke

    DVI Kirtland vs Versailles Updates (12/01/23)

    I never would have picked Kirtland to win by 17.
  13. InTheDarke

    Regular season matchups you'd like to see!

    In all seriousness, back in 2008, Greenville traveled to Dover for a game, and I was there. Still waiting on that return trip if we ever get respectable again. Even if scheduling is a nightmare for an independent, those four years were intriguing, getting to play teams from all over the state we...
  14. InTheDarke

    Regular season matchups you'd like to see!

    Conneaut vs. Cleves Taylor
  15. InTheDarke

    MVL Pick Em Final Round

    St. Edward by 8, 48 points Hoban by 4, 44 points Toledo Central Catholic by 18, 52 points Glenville by 2, 56 points Perry by 6, 40 points Kirtland by 3, 31 points Marion Local by 21, 49 points
  16. InTheDarke

    D I State Championahip: St. Edward vs Springfield Part 3

    Springfield really stepped up when they had to. I had a feeling they'd win their region from the beginning of the playoffs. Can they win this one? Sure. Will they? Maybe. But they won't be taken lightly.
  17. InTheDarke

    DIV STATE FINAL Glenville vs Alter

    This one is going to be a dandy. Less than a touchdown difference either way.
  18. InTheDarke

    DVI State Semifinal: Columbus Grove vs. Versailles

    I don't see how Versailles loses this.
  19. InTheDarke

    MVL Pick Em Week 15

    Bishop Watterson Hoban Alter Kirtland Perry Versailles Chardon Moeller
  20. InTheDarke

    MVL 2023-24

    Greenville is needing a new coach. Anyone notable looking at that job?