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    Barberton Fried Chicken and Hot Rice, a superb Serbian delight: Classic CLE Eats & Drinks

    DUDE< You crazee as all get up, get down, get back and get 'round!!! Ain't never too hot for Barberton Fried Chicken! It could be 120 degrees, and Smoove would be poundin' Smoove's self some chickenn, hot rice and cole slaw! HEcks to the YEAH!!!! DO NOT SHOW YOUR IGNORANT WAY AGAIN UP IN HERE...
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    What's in your wallet?

    What in SMoove's wallet???? SMoove have a Speedway Reward Card that give Smoove an extra little gusto and discountation on Smoove's Go-Go Juice. Smoove also have a Sam's Club card, and the one that Smoove prize the mostest, a BJ card. GOod for a BJ anytime Smoove want it. Now Smoove ain't had to...
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    2024 Coventry Comets Football

    Awww ywah.....Norff and G-Field!!!! Coventry gonna definitely have Smoove in the blue stands for these 2 scrimmagijations!
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    2024 Coventry Comets Football

    Smash----LEt Smoove informinate you and the rest of the yapsters up in here on a little thang called The Comet Concessionary Stand.... It gonna be legit as all get up, get back, get down and get AROUND!!!!! Smoove know a few of these chickies rilly goot, and they gonna make it a rill treat for...
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    2024 Coventry Comets Football

    Coventry have a horrible updating of the athletic website. Who runifies it? They ought to be held upside down and spanked like they stole somethin', Smoove say!
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    #PACtion™ 2024

    Daygone right!! And those Concessionation Chickies will have lots of Smoove in them later toard the Fall!!! ;) :sneaky: :banana:
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    What is the biggest crime that has happened to you that you did not report to the police?

    Au Contraire, Mon Frere. Smoove ain't gots no inferioritorious complexation, nope, never had one one of those, never will. Smoove just try to be like e'erone else and wanna have peace and love around Smoove. Somehow, Smoove thinkifies that arizona might need a hug, or at least a night out wit...
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    #PACtion™ 2024

    Smoove only have one thing to speakify on: Kotite, dude, .....Man, is one crazy, silly, nutrageous DUDE!!! Smoove nearly spittified Smoove's Benchmark all over Smoove's self and Smoove's 'puter. Smoove lovifies seein' those photoshoppified pics of DeGeorge, and Tipton, all of it made...
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    What is the biggest crime that has happened to you that you did not report to the police?

    Smoove once had spentified a lots of cash at the Woodridge Concessionary stand in the hopes and full intentionations from the chickie that we was gonna get some sweet-sweet lovin' on. Smoove was blond-sighteded by the chickie havin' a big, rilly big, boyfriend and he whipped Smoove's butt but...
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    Meniscus Repair Surgery

    Smoove had it donified on both knees. First one no issues at all, up and moving without pain on day after. Second one, done about 4 years after the first, was not as Smooth sailing as the first for Smoove. Lot of swelling, which the ladies preferate if it in the right places, but it was tough to...
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    Smoove needs TIRES....1984 Ford e-150 Conversionary Van.... Smoove gots new rims, tires bald as all get up, get back, get down & Get AROUND!

    AAAwwwwww YeeaaaHHHHH!! Smoove gottified the word this mornin' that Smoove's VOL is gonna be ready for Smoove to pick up on Tuesday!!! Yep, Yep!! Smoove been waitifyin' for this for aboutcht 7 moSmoove for thenthifications now. The VOL, Vehicle of Love, is gonna be back wit' Smoove for the...
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    #PACtion™ 2024

    Smoove lovifies it!! Smoove will go and get a new bullhorn and dang well will be there!! Whatchu think aboutcht Bojangles bein' down in Belden V ara, Kotite?? They ain't too shabby, if Smoove memory serve correctifyly, but it ain't no Colonel!!! WORD!
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    are you a true westsider

    Smoove Mooves is a Wessider, y'all! Don't beleeve it? Try Smoove.....Smoove bust a rhyme on yo behind saltier than anythang y'all ain't never heardified! Still hatin'? Awwww, y'all just baitin'! Smoove ain't aboucht all 'dat! Nah, it ain't, ain't aboucht all 'dat!
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    #PACtion™ 2024

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    No Mow May

    Zunardo-- Smoove must say that you are quite well on the right track, "Grasshopper". Accidents while mowing the lawn can definitely happenify, specificallization if very little attention was being payified to the shrubbery. THe more shrubbery and thickness there is, the more likelihood there...
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    #PACtion™ 2024

    Smoove want to be made knowledgable aboutcht their concessionary stand and the chickies that runify it......would they welcome Smoove into their lair?! Smoove just kiddin'......OF COURSE they would!!!!
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    Gas prices 2024

    $3.649 today...........Please get this administration out of here. Thye have made everything more expensive than ever, more and more people are on government assistance, and they continue to try and bail out college students who A- have worthless degrees in Gender Studies, etc.; OR, B- they...
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    Inspirational Thoughts

    Smoove have Smoove's own concept of Protein Balls. You see, it is when a Chickie .......well, Smoove might be goin' to Yappi-Jail if Smoove continues this one....No mas!
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    #PACtion™ 2024

    Dammit, Kotite, YOU HAD TO GO THERE, Didn't you! Smoove single-handedly keptified that place in bidness for long stretches of time. Smoove would check Chickies into 3, sometimes 4 rooms at a time, travel between them and knockify the bottoms outcht of said chickies e'er weekend, sometimes on...
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    Phrases I absolutely can't stand

    Tesoro, Smoove is more than willing to take rilly goot care of your MIL for you, if you thinkify it would help. Smoove have had plenty of work in the field of "STOP IT-Ness", maning after Smoove gets Smoove's hands, and fingers all up on and in some chickies, They "All of the sudden" stop doing...