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    Steveson signs w/ Buffalo Bills

    I remember those Ravens teams with Kelly Gregg and Siragusa at NT with Ray Lewis behind them at MLB had 5 state titles between them. I would love to seen how they would of faired in college. Lorenzo Neal comes to mind though.
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    Steveson signs w/ Buffalo Bills

    Aaron Donald is listed a generous 6-1 and 284 lbs. not saying he's AD but it can be done.
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    Every senate team last year was D1, D2 or D3 except the Glenville. But Glenville has a JV and freshman team while the others struggle to field a varsity team.
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    Cirino arrested, going to jail for a long time

    Heard same. Getting on the phone to discuss the past is a bad move. He didn't think that out.
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    Painesville Riverside's Head Coach steps down

    He's still the AD. He'll hire whoever he wants. But, agreed looking like a staff member.
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    Boys DIV All Ohio

    Just talking about News-Herald area players. Richmond Hts might have 6 D1 guys. Their schedule is one of the hardest around. Their team is not built for 33 pt/game scorer (not saying they couldn't do it though). The CVC conference let them and Lutheran West opt out for basketball. Schedules do...
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    Boys DIV All Ohio

    Possibly, if they are Cornerstone. But does one game a season make? The kid can shoot it no doubt. He will set the record next season. Put the other 3 on the team and is it still a 40 point loss. Switch any of those 4 for a season and their numbers would be similar. I think Register would have a...
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    Boys DIV All Ohio

    The News-Herald award covers D1, D2, D3 and D4. Some very good players this year. No shame in not winning this year. Ioppolo, Dragas and Register Jr all really good this year. Plus Richmond Hts is in the News-Herald area. Teams do make a concerted to stop him with his crazy Curry range. But you...
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    Where Should Glenville Play?

    Is any one else D4 or is it just Glenville?
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    Where Should Glenville Play?

    I believe all the Senate schools are D1, D2 or D3. I think Glenville is the only D4. Not sure on the decreasing number in their populations though.
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    Geauga County Basketball

    He's talking about the Cleveland State team that made a run in the NCAA tournament.
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    DI Springfield vs St Edward Updates (12/01/23)

    O-line wearing Springfield down. Time to gamble.
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    DI Springfield vs St Edward Updates (12/01/23)

    Does Springfield have kicker that could have made a 27 yard field goal? I know hindsight and all, but 81 almost put a hole in 13 from Ed's on the kickoff. I take the points if they can kick a FG.
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    DI Springfield vs St Edward Updates (12/01/23)

    Haven't seen Bullock run like that since week 4.
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    Week 16 (Division VI State Championship): AP #3 Versailles (13-2) vs. AP #1 Kirtland (14-1)

    They also had an older brother at Gilmour too. Tiger does a good job keeping his own, but like bluestreak noted they are near a bunch of privates including US and Gilmour. There’s Kirtland players who have brothers playing football at those schools. A lot of times because of the hockey or...
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    DI State Semifinal: Springfield vs. Cincinnati Moeller

    Only funny cause it's true. I too have been accused of being Dayride. Good luck to both teams!
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    Region 17: #1 Perry vs #2 Canfield South Range

    Agreed. I think in addition to Chardon, that other state champ Kenston is in Geauga county. Kirtland and SR have obviously seen each other and I remember a mediocre SR team losing to a mediocre West G team around 2018. Some excellent coaches in MV.
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    Is Strongsville looking for a new head football coach ??

    He's had some nice talent there. Should be better than back to back 3-8 seasons. 0-5 in the playoffs since his arrival in 2017. Might be time to move on.
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    Dover @ Kenston playoffs round 1

    Kenston had 632 yard of offense (296 passing, 336 rushing). Dover had 218 yards of offense. Kenston had 31 first downs, Dover 10.
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    2023 Benedictine Football

    What I do know is Mayfield is not worried about losing kids to Benedictine nowadays. I can think of kids in Gates Mills right across the street from Hawken that are more apt to go to Hawken. Point being a private can play at theorize if you must that they do not. Mayfield is really...