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    PAC 2023

    I played under a successful run at Tuslaw, during an “expect the best” and “blue pride” propaganda push. We really believed it for the years we played. We really really did. Perry didn’t seem to believe in us and it showed the two times they kicked our in the playoffs.
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    PAC 2023

    @Rich Kotite Haven’t been active as I’ve been at a loss for words knowing that The slaw is now in the books as allowing Manchester to end that losing streak. Hope is gone football, not even a win against Fairless could make this okay. No amount of mini van moms, live laugh love bumber...
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    Northern 10 Athletic Conference

    Game started as a defensive juggernaut. However Carey slowly chipped away until they broke Crawford. Crawford has a lot to Improve on before playoffs happen. (Pass defense, defensive line, offensive line and offensive passing). Big win for Carey! Nicely done.
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    PAC 2023

    I feel like it would take a certain coach to sit down and spend time at Spuds. However whoever that coach is. He’s the guy I want!!!!
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    Friday Updates (9/22/23)

    Carey 7 Col Crawford 0 Halftime
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    PAC 2023

    Nice to have a newman alumni in the thread!!! #Kotiteforpresident!
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    PAC 2023

    Can we ever consider Tuslaw to have a winning time to be on a sabbatical from? I know they have two PAC championships. I may be missing a few. But what are we considering a winning era or years?
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    PAC 2023

    Nailed it Kotite. You want a winning team? You build a winning culture. Period. Seems that things are amiss in the good old community of Bowdil.
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    Friday Finals (9/15/23)

    Colonel Crawford 29 Seneca East 14 Final
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    Friday Updates (9/15/23)

    Colonel Crawford 12 Seneca East. 0 11:00 2nd quarter
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    Friday Updates (9/8/23)

    Colonel Crawford 47 Bucyrus 6 4th quarter
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    PAC 2023

    How about them “Stangs” pulling out another win.
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    Friday Night Updates (9/1/23)

    Colonel Crawford 49 East Knox 13 Deep into the fourth quarter
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    PAC 2023

    Tuslaw gets the win over Chippewa.
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    Friday Night Finals (8/25/23)

    Ashland Crestview 20- East Knox 14 Colonel Crawford 57 - Cardinal Stritch 13
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    Friday Night Updates (8/25/23)

    Colonel Crawford 27 Cardinal Strich 7 Halftime
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    Friday Night Updates (8/25/23)

    Ashland Crestview 20 - East Knox 7 Halftime