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    Rumor about 6-7 divisions in basketball

    Sucks for the Central Ohio teams as OSU is the only arena big enough to host a semi-final and am guessing they would not be open to doing so.
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    Ryan Day

    Do we really know how good of a HC Day is? He was handed the keys to one of the top 4 programs with a loaded roster. Has he continually beat the teams he should, yes, OSU has the most overall talent in the Big Ten and should win every Big Ten game as only two programs have anywhere near the...
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    Big Red vs. Licking Valley

    He has 355 wins, all but 6 of those at Licking Valley
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    B10 Coaches

    More unethical as opposed to illegal, and yes, I am sure the university most certainly wants out of the contract. It always baffles me that people get to this level and allow themselves to be caught up in situations like this.
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    Who wins D2?

    Looking forward to the match-up tonight with Maysville. Maysville pressures all 94 feet and shoots it well from 3. the game will be broadcast live at: tip time is 6:00.
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    What schools will need a new coach in 2024

    This one is a head-scratcher, coach had 420 wins in 21 seasons, 5 district titles and just came off a 2 point loss in the district semis last week. No pressure on the next coach.
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    who is the best player in Ohio?

    Freshman Highlights from King Kendrick, Freshman from Columbus Northland, (I am not endorsing him as the best player in Ohio), but interested to watch his growth and thought those on this post would enjoy the video. Title of the video is: Ambidextrous hooper?! 🤯 King Kendrick is the next great...
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    Ask the Ref?

    Game is in running clock mode, girl gets fouled with roughly 20-25 seconds left in the game. Players line up for the foul shots and while doing so the clock runs out. Refs call game and no FT's are shot. Now, not that it would have mattered, but thought it was odd they did not allow the FT's.
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    Shots Fired During Ohio HS Football Game, Stadium Evacuated

    The 18 year old arrested graduated from GM, not known if the underage person arrested was a student or not. The shots were fired outside the stadium but on school grounds. A morning DJ in Columbus was at the game and his description of the events sounded like pure chaos with people running in...
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    Update (5/2/22): Newark Catholic looking for Head Coach

    Not so fast my friend.
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    Football, recruiting and 9 p.m. bedtime: The life of a middle school QB

    Guessing his parents are to young to know the name Todd Marinovich, if the kid does not end up a "Star" he will one day hate his parents for what he gave up of his youth.
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    2021/2022 Boys Head Coaching changes

    Newark Catholic has hired Muskingum University Men's Coach Travis Schwab.
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    OHSAA Member Schools to Vote on 14 Referendum Items (Includes NIL and transfer modifications)

    Curious how this will work with college NIL. I believe a recruit cannot receive NIL payments or (cars ect..) until they have enrolled in school. Will High School NIL open up the door for boosters to pay recruits while they are still in high school to try and influence them to come to their school?
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    2021/2022 Boys Head Coaching changes

    Newark Catholic
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    2021/2022 Boys Head Coaching changes

    Bloom Carroll Thomas Worthington
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    Update (5/2/22): Newark Catholic looking for Head Coach

    Per email sent to parents, recently hired Paul Cronin has resigned as Head Coach and the school will restart the hiring process. ”Earlier that day, the school was made aware of an incident involving conduct by Mr. Cronin that constituted a violation of Mr. Cronin’s employment contract,” read...
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    The 'OHSAA' Grinch...Time To Start Giving Out Sectional Trophies

    They really just need to get away with using the term Sectional and just call anything before the Regionals, Districts. When there were only three divisions a sectional was exactly that, a smaller group of teams from a pre-determined bracket trying to get the the Districts. Now, at least in...
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    Still Undefeated

    DIV 1 Centerville 14-0 Westerville North 14-0 Broadview Heights 13-0 DIV 2 None DIV 3 Western Reserve 15-0 Versailles 15-0 Colonel Crawford 14-0 New Middletown 14-0 DIV 4 Tiffin Calvert 15-0 Trimble 11-0 Cornerstone Christian 10-0 Source:
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    Still Undefeated

    D1 Westerville South 11-0 Brecksville Broadview Heights 10-0 Centerville 9-0 D2 West Branch 9-0 D3 Western Reserve 12-0 Versailles 11-0 Colonel Crawford 10-0 New Middletown Springfield 10-0 Gamble Montessori 10-0 D4 Spring. Cent. Catholic 12-0 Tiffin Calvert 12-0 Trimble 10-0 Antwerp 10-0 Upper...
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    Sidney Superintendent controversy over BK warm up music

    Odds that the parent that complained would have ran to FB to complain if she was at the game and the playlist that was submitted was played? People just looking for reasons to be offended, I see no issue with what the Super did and I am sure the kid he responded to wasn't offended either.