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    Troy Davis out as Louisville Leopards Head Coach

    Little Leopards is a mess, specifically 7 and 8 grade. One team/coach has ruined it. Doesn't want to work on teaching the entire group the right way to build a strong unit. Would much rather make himself and his coaches look good. What a bunch of egomaniac. So sad the kids are being led this way.
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    Week 6: Louisville Leopards (1-4) at Perry Panthers (3-2)

    Leopard football is long gone. From the high school down through Little Leopards. The foundation has always been formulated in Little Leopards. No more, it's more important to win games at all cost instead of teaching, instructing the kids. So sad to see one of the teams down to 7/8 players and...
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    Week 6: Louisville Leopards (1-4) at Perry Panthers (3-2)

    So what else would you expect? I'm embarrassed!
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    Week 4: Louisville Leopards (1-2) at North Canton Hoover (2-1) <<100th Game>>

    Yes, in 2003 they beat top ranked Pickerington Central (#1 in their region).
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    Louisville Leopards Football 2022

    What is going on with the Little Leopards 7th and 8th grades teams. Sounds like some real selfish and idiotic coaches ruining the program. Were's the high school head coach and his input?
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    Week 3: Louisville Leopards (0-2) at Northwest Indians (2-0)

    It's sad to see such a once a storied program with great tradition fall as they have. Where does the responsibility lie? I put it on the AD and coaches. First and foremost it the AD should give them a schedule where the have a fighting chance. When you schedule schools 2 or 3 times larger and...