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    Week 2: Lancaster @ Hamilton Township

    "Barely besting Teays" with 85 kids in the program, 5 of which are seniors. "By no means dominate the MSL" and their 2 all-sports championships in a row and probably a third this year, as well as an all-sport winning record against OCC competition in the last 2 years... The Teays is gonna get...
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    Hall of Famer Brian Cross named head coach at Teays Valley

    Just a thought... First, I love the hire! You're right, the program was not in shambles but certainly not what it should be. Frankly, they should be beating everyone in the MSL handily but they just aren't. Thera are a couple guys in house that I think could be outstanding high school coaches...
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    IUDOGS: 2022 - 2023 Ohio High School Head Football Coaching Changes

    Brian Cross in at Teays pending board approval.
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    Ohio Capital Conference- how are divisions created?

    The "TV and Logan will get killed" narrative is getting old! No one cares that literally every other school in the division will also get killed by PC. They are different! Now as for TV and Logan, both have freshman teams in basically all sports. Freshman teams with no one to play. No one in the...
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    My struggle with fans, maybe I am just too old

    Parents/ fans are leading directly to the downfall of high school sports. Schools can't get officials, good people are not coaching and great kids are not playing. Three fall sport coaches at my area high school are not coming back at least in part to bad parent behavior. It's getting...
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    Lancaster Golden Gales

    I don't disagree with any of that. I just despise the prognostication of high school sports. There are better uses of an adults time. Teays has 4 freshmen including at qb and 6-7 sophomores getting valuable varsity experience, the JV team is undefeated with its closest game as a 20-0 win against...
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    Lancaster Golden Gales

    "automatic wins (on paper)"? Because of school size? I guess that makes Lancaster 6-0 (on paper) this season... All 3 schools have young talent, great communities and beautiful facilities. Looking forward to good "blue and gold" and "battle of 33" rivalries in all sports for years to come!
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    Teays Valley to join Ohio Capital Conference in ‘24

    3 Basketball/ Volleyball courts, indoor track, weight room, year round batting cages, cheerleading area, golf simulator, training room, locker rooms, space for future medical clinic, and yes... more bathrooms.
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    Teays Valley to join Ohio Capital Conference in ‘24

    Really don't see Teays keeping CV and LE on the schedule. Nor do I see them wanting to play us in football at least. HT would be great! We are already picking up Watkins. Would also like to see other natural geographic rivalries grow like with the Southwest City Schools. We already play them in...
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    Teays Valley to join Ohio Capital Conference in ‘24

    TV guy here that couldn't be more excited for both schools. Might help also that I live darn near the geographic center of this Division. Teays and Logan will take some lumps early but both have great facilities and people. If you haven't taken the trip down 33 to Logan for a football game do...
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    Can Kings run the table - D2 playoff discussion

    There is work being done on that front
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    Can Kings run the table - D2 playoff discussion

    Yes TV fans know exactly who we are. Great community, incredible kids and district. Situationally we are a growing district with amazing facilities and community support. We are in a team building, culture building phase with great people in charge! Are we there yet... no. Are we on our way...