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    PAC 7 who wins it in 2023/2024

    Quite the shake up in the league.
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    Tuesday, January 16 Final Scores

    Manchester 72 Canton South 64
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    Tuesday, December 12 Final Scores

    Akron Manchester 67 Waynedale 53
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    Mr Basketball Nominees?

    Peterson plays in a hack league. There isn't and will not be anyone there that would give him any competition. Hence, the gaudy numbers. Would love to see what he could do in the Federal League. Should go to player that has to work every night, every game. Not saying he doesn't work, he just...
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    PAC 2023

    Just curious on why he didn't take the job after they offered it to him the first time? He was their first choice, changed his mind and then they offered it Brophy. Would love to ask him. What changed? 0-10 last year? And I think whoever took the job there would be people on here...
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    Friday Finals 1/20

    Manchester 61 Fairless 51
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    Tuesday Finals 1/17

    manchester 62 Northwest 50
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    Tuesday, March 1 Final Scores

    Saint Joseph Academy 65 Akron Hoban 58 In Overtime
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    Tuesday, March 1 Final Scores

    Massillon Jackson 49 Green 41
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    PAC-7 Boys Basketball

    Triway scores 12 in a loss to Berlin Hiland? What gives? Players out?
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    PAC - 7 Football

    Could be Manchester tomorrow night!
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    PAC - 7 Football

    Who will score first??? LOL
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    PAC - 7 Football

    Yikes! Let's just hope for the best for all the teams in the league still playing.
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    Canton Central Catholic @ Mogadore

    Should be able to go to Uncle Tito's by halftime...
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    Week 10: Lucas @ Mogadore

    I believe Mogadore lost 14-0
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    PAC - 7 Football

    Forget about Steels Corner exit, go past to Seasons Road exit and come in from the North!! And forget about Skyline til basketball season:confused:
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    McKinley High School football head coach Marcus Wattley, seven assistant coaches suspended

    Remind me again why Lake's AD resigned and went over to McKinley? Besides more money....why? Headaches abound!!!