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    Week 10: CJ (6-3) vs. Alter (6-3)

    Good game. After seeing CJ play more impressed with McNick shutting them out 35-0. The turning point was in 2nd Q when Alter made goal line stand, then marched it 98 yards to take lead 14-7 at half. Alter had chance to put it away in 3rd qt when first 2 drives ended deep in CJ territory. One...
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    Way Too Early 2023 GCL-Coed Predictions/Thoughts

    What is the difference? It doesn't matter, NO playoff implications. Just as predicted Fenwick opened with soft non conference schedule and got smoked by teams with winning records. All 5 Fenwick wins against 2-8 teams. Time to start plotting the Falcon propaganda machine for 2024
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    Friday Finals (10/20/23)

    Alter 21 CJ 14
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    Friday Finals (10/20/23)

    That is tough one to take.
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    Week 10: CJ (6-3) vs. Alter (6-3)

    This should be good game. CJ crushed Alter last year The Knights defense did not stop CJ on any drives all game. Hope they can learn something from this years McNick tape. Bad feeling think CJ takes it in a tight one. 21- 20
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    Way Too Early 2023 GCL-Coed Predictions/Thoughts

    Hey is your son coaching the freshman team? LOL know you are proud but had to bust you
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    Thursday Night Finals (8/17/23)

    Fairmont 24 ALTER 21
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    ALTER VS CJ - Who Wins?

    Give me a break Alter was in state semifinals 2020. Yes they are down this year but they will rebound. 1 bad year in last 20 years not bad. Due to expanded playoffs they continue streak of making playoffs.
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    ALTER VS CJ - Who Wins?

    Alter has knack to win when not expected in this rivalry game, but having seen most of the knights games, think CJ will will most likely win this one. 21-14.
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    Tournament Draw Sunday

    You are right. Toughest one to pick. MND might take them. I have seen Centerville twice and they were very good each time.
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    Tournament Draw Sunday

    Early predictions to make it to state finals D1: Centerville vs Twinsburg D2: Waynesville vs Hoban D3; Alter vs Creston Norwayne
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    Fenwick Vs. Badin: GCL Supremacy

    Badin 21 Fenwick 0 Badin had its scare last week against an improving CJ team. They will be focused and take care of business. Fenwick defense is impressive but don't think they will score from the D side on the Rams.
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    Monday, 10/3

    Went to Alter Waynesville game. VERY impressed by Waynesville, strong, athletic, fast, quick and well coached. They have great chance to win back to back state championships DIII and this year DII. If Alter goal tender (Kara S) was not in nets it easily would have been 8-2. Good Luck Spartans
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    GCL co/ed 2022

    Little of both. They are razor thin, many playing 2 ways. Very young. Coach D doing a great job. If they can get -6-4 record it will be a great year as this was the biggest rebuild in last 18 years.
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    Alter vs Trotwood Thursday September 8th

    Rams will be out for revenge. They have played a very tough schedule out of the gate. Expect close game. Think it will come down to which team makes the fewest mistakes. Can 't get a feel for this one.
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    Undefeated BISHOP FENWICK vs The Defending State Champions CLINTON MASSIE

    All this Fenwick dribble actually makes me think I want to go watch Massie "put down" the Falcons. Fenwick has years of this nonsensical rambling. They win a couple powder puff games and make outrageous claims. The shear arrogance turns off everyone. Now that I look at the schedule, might wait...
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    Centerville win marks #700 in program history

    Think these girls are real deal. VERY impressive in opening game against Alter. To go up and beat up Walsh Jesuit is more impressive.
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    Trotwood madison at springfield week 3

    I do not think it is whether the team is good or bad rather about fielding teams in all sports. Still believe Trotwood got dirty end of the stick
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    GCL co/ed 2022

    Frank Catrino is the guy I think you are talking about. He went to Valpo.
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    Backyard Battle Alter vs Fairmont

    Down again?????? Give me break. 22 years straight in playoffs. Good teams, average teams, great teams. Domsitz gets them to the playoffs.. This year will be a challenge they are so young and green. Only 6 seniors and a not all start. Showed some flashes, but Firebirds to big and experienced 20...