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    Region 13: #1 Canton South vs #6 Struthers

    I would like nothing better than to see Struthers win. But after watching CS dismantle WB, I think that CS has to be considered the favorite. CS is more than their QB. Their defense basically shut down the high flying WB offense. They are very disciplined on offense, and won't make many...
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    EBC Football 2023

    Does anybody have info on the Salem-Canfield scrimmage? I believe it was on the 4th.
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    Marlington Dukes Head Coach

    Maybe you are too young to remember one and two win seasons, and seasons with .500 records when they were supposed to be better. Kopachy and Johnson made Salem competitive, and even got them into the playoffs along with a few playoff victories after 35+ years without an appearance in the post...
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    Division V Semifinal: R17 South Range (14-0) vs R18 Liberty Center (14-0) at Clyde

    South Range is in Beaver Township, just south of Canfield Township which surrounds Canfield Village and Canfield High School. South Range High School has a Canfield mailing address because that area is serviced by the Canfield post office, thus it is referred to as Canfield South Range. It used...
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    Division V Semifinal: R17 South Range (14-0) vs R18 Liberty Center (14-0) at Clyde

    I saw SR play twice this year, and I was surprised at how physical they were. There were doubters when they entered the NE8 because all of the schools were larger than them. It only took a couple of seasons for them to dominate the league. There is a lot of mention here on how physical LC is...
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    Chardon Perry Hoban Jefferson JFK Kirtland
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    CAVS 2022-2023

    It looks like Mitchell is the impact player the Cavs need, and everybody is following his lead. Does his job with no drama and seems to enjoy playing on this team (LeBron who?). It should be a fun and competitive season. I'm not going to try and analyze every move the Cavs make, I'm just going...
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    2022 (Week 1) Ohio High School Football TV, Radio, Video/Audio Streaming Broadcasts

    I went to their website and it looks like they are set up and ready to go. Hopefully they'll be doing games again. They do a nice job of covering teams that might not otherwise get the exposure.
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    Division II Sweet 16

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    Division II Sweet 16

    Any word on the West Branch -Norton game?
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    Division II Sweet 16

    Salem 33 CF Northwest 26 Final Barberton DII
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    Tuesday, March 1 Final Scores

    DII Barberton Salem 33 CF Northwest 26
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    Division II Sweet 16

    It would definitely be interesting. West Branch beat highly ranked Marlington, and Salem beat WB the last time they played. The EBC was very strong this year. I'm just wondering how good Norton and CF Northwest are. Anybody have info on them?
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    How many games do 9-16 teams need to win to validate 16 teams?

    Why is this an issue? Basketball and other sports include all teams. Just kick back and enjoy the occasional upset.
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    West Branch vs Salem. Who ya got?

    WB and Salem struggle defensively against athletic teams and QBs. Alliance and South exposed Salem's weakness on defense, as did Howland and South against WB. Unless either team shows up on defense, this will be a barn-burner. WB 51, SALEM 38.
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    The Official 2021 EBC football thread

    It looks like this season is shaping up as predicted. Salem, WB and Carrollton in the top tier, with South as the spoiler. WB seems even stronger than predicted. Gotta give them the edge so far. I'm hoping we'll get a WB-Salem battle of unbeatens at the end of the year. But there's a long way to...
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    The Official 2020 Cleveland Indians Thread

    I'm know stating the obvious, but Cleveland is struggling with personnel this year. Ramirez is the only consistent offense, and the injury bug is killing the pitching staff. I don't want to give up on the season, but the front office should start thinking right now about bolstering the roster...
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    Best District 2021 performance?

    The girls side of this meet will probably fly under the radar, but it was ultra-competitive. Teams from Salem, Buchtel, StVM, Marlington and others battled it out all day. If I remember correctly there was three teams tied for first after scoring 15 events. Inspirational performances from all.