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    NE8 2024

    A lot of truth to the success factor as people now line up to play schools like JFK and Mooney and you certainly dont hear as much displeasure towards them as you do Ursuline. And Harding is always going to have that target on their back as the biggest program in the valley. That being said the...
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    NE8 2024

    So here’s my question. For all of the hate the schools in the valley (alot of the schools in this league in particular) have for privates “stealing players” how come there isn’t all the negative energy towards Harding or when a kid makes this choice or open enrolls elsewhere. A number of kids...
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    NE8 2024

    That is how it would feel for struthers yes
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    NE8 2024

    Riverside would win this by 3 scores. Both good at their own levels but certainly not in the same league
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    Strongsville's Lou Cirino is Out

    It’s always funny to me when guys who have been life long public schools Guys in areas with great distain for the private school model (ie. West Geauga and the other schools in that area) have no problem jumping to coach there and do it themselves.
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    2023 Benedictine Football

    Tough to blame the staff when this team greatly overachieved this season compared to last. Seems like a cop out. However the offense left alot to be desired. The defense carried this team all season and played excellent for the most part. Would be pretty hard to put the blame there
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    Thoughts on the Newton Falls job?

    Bingo. “This is the way we’ve always done it” Sounds like a real recipe for success
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    Gilmour HC Zagorski takes HC job at Otterbein U

    He’s the DC at Warren Harding Now
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    Youngstown Area Coaching Changes

    It’s absolutely laughable the love fest that Malutic Live has for this guy. Only assistant coach in the area that gets mentioned for anything and they scored 30 points all season last season under him.
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    Youngstown Area Coaching Changes

    I’ve never seen an assistant get more press. Especially for not doing anything. But let’s also consider the press here….
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    D7 R25 2022

    Crazy how The “Impartial” Malutic Live was on site at the game and didn’t provide one update even after a final score. Almost like the Lowellville updates only happened when they were Throwing for 8 touchdowns in mop Up time
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    #8 Struthers @ #1 West Branch

    They may win it. But it won’t be easy. Don’t let the 13 Seed fool you. Buchtel plays a non conference schedule that no one else in that region would even consider playing. They are battle tested more than anyone in that region by a long shot
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    Ohio Referee Shortage - could force games...

    It helps because if everyone plays on Friday, there is not enough people to fill every game. If you move X amount of games or other days those same refs can work games on other nights. Assuming they want to.
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    Pretty surprised to see how bad Leetonia is considering everyone lauded this McLaughlin hire as OC and the next guy there and they have scored two touchdowns in three games.
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    Sebring Head Coaching Opening

    I’m sure all 14 people who will be there to see it would agree
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    Coachs Approach podcast

    Only way for him to get on top was to have his own show. Unless he finds a reason to fire himself
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    Western reserve discussion

    It’s not as big of a thing as you’re making it to be. Actually quite the norm at the small (non scholarship) levels of college athletics. When numbers/participation are a priority, have to make sure that person fits that mold. At the end of the day. The coach is there for the players, not the...
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    Twinsburg open?

    Depending on how the split was with Mike Bell. I’d expect the coach from Lakewood (Tom Thome) to be one of these guys. Coached there for a while under Bell until he got the Lakewood job. However, if they don’t want more of that then this wouldn’t make any sense. Just my two cents
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    LaBrae head coaching job

    If McGlynn gets another job after what he did at champion it just goes to show that the area will do anything to recycle an old coach just because he’s from the area and been a head coach before.
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    Boardman Head Coaching Job

    Look for Kuntz to be in on this one. Going to be making his way back to town since he’s now unemployed