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    Elder Coach Doug Ramsey

    All dependent on the right place, and the right time situation. Never would rule it out.
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    Elder Coach Doug Ramsey

    Coach Ramsey is as good as it gets. Having played for him, and had the opportunity to coach under him: there is no one better to lead the Elder program. It will definitely be interesting to see the remainder of his career and what comes after.
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    OHSAA NIL Proposal

    This may have been addressed already, but if this goes through and kids can work/cash in on NIL deals. Who at the school(s) is responsible for monitoring/advising/guiding these 14-18-year-old kids on how this process will "work"?
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    Elder vs X part 2

    This thread has taken a U-turn from the recap/talk of the “Elder vs. X Part 2” it seems. Was unable to make a game this year, but followed along all season. St. X to me, is the favorite to represent Region 4. However, they have proven they can be beaten. Regardless of the score, it is hard to...
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    Peyton Ramsey Works Out for Chicago Bears

    Good question, not sure on the answer to that one. Wouldn't be a bad gig if you were able to qualify for a pension.
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    Peyton Ramsey Works Out for Chicago Bears

    Looks like a practice squad player makes $9,200 a week with the potential of making up to $14,000 a week. Over the longevity of a season, that is really good money for any profession let alone being on the practice squad. Which in turn, is definitely much more than a 1st-year teacher and most...
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    CHL Football 2021

    Correct. Typically the HC's role to enter roster/height/weight etc...
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    Peyton Ramsey/Tommy Kraemer - NFL Draft

    Great for Peyton! He will excel in the classroom and be a tremendous role model for the young men that he will be teaching!
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    2021 Elder Football

    Right, 1st scrimmage of August is typically the 10/10 play. 2nd scrimmage is your “game” tempo scrimmage. Haven’t heard anything differently, but you never know with how the summer rules have changed these last two years.
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    2021 Elder Football

    Lakota West should be a good scrimmage to see where this team is at a week into August. Assuming it will be as all first scrimmages go, a 10 for 10 play offense/defense switch type?
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    CHL Football 2021

    Competitive, never mentioned scores. Kids play hard for all 8 schools week in and week out.
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    CHL Football 2021

    Taylor finished at 3-6 last season and won the first playoff game in school history. They return the reigning CHL DPOY in Harry Hilvert (Sr. DL/OL). 1st year Head Coach (David Dransman) will take over the defense, as well as replacing the OC from the last 4 seasons (Mark Miller - HC from...
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    Sometimes There's More To Life Than Sports...

    Great story on Charlie and Danny. The Austing Family is as good as it gets.
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    CHL Football 2021

    2021 Prediction: 1. Wyoming (replacing Pagan will be a unique situation this season/Hester will push for OPOY) 2. Indian Hill (this year will be their best chance to dethrone the Cowboys.... IMO) 3. Mariemont (Glassmeyer gone, Dortsen will step in nicely at QB/Warriors caught fire in the...
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    CHL baseball 2021

    What are the implications that the HC before this new one (Dransman) did not have the program in the right direction? I totally agree that Taylor had a very good year, there is a lot that goes into entire programs having a "good year" an accumulation of factors, no doubt.
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    2021 Football

    Speed is something that is very hard to teach, and on the high school level... speed is a HUGE factor.