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    2024 U20 & U23 World Team Trials

    Davino is registered at 61kg Feldman is registered at 125 U23
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    New Numbers in 2024-2025

    My understanding for soccer, baseball , softball, basketball they are going to have 5 divisions. D1 top 64 teams D2next 64 teams. D3-D5 will be broken up from there.
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    Ohio State at NCAAs

    He is 21 year SO so must’ve gray shirted or something.
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    Ohio State at NCAAs

    I think cannon was a grad transfer and I thought Ragusin was out of eligibility but could be wrong. Might have Covid year
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    OSU/BIG 10

    In his post match interview he didn’t sound like a guy coming back and almost sounded like wrestling isn’t that important. Which I know is crazy because he so damn good
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    Question about club youth soccer

    My kid has been playing club soccer the last 3 years while also playing travel baseball and lacrosse. His club is year round and futsal in the winter. He enjoys playing everything although this is our last year of baseball. the kids who are soccer only are better players and play more but...
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    Hold Backs Getting out of Control...

    Not many kids get a 250k scholarship? 3% of HS wrestlers wrestle in college.
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    Only one I would disagree with is Davis getting a MD. He has one bonus win this year against the Maryland kid. I could be totally wrong but could realistically see your predictions come true.
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    The OSU VS. The UM

    No he was going to be their 133 and Ragusin was going to RS but Cannon was injured early and isn’t able to make it back.
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    The OSU VS. The UM

    What generation is that?
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    The OSU VS. The UM

    good for you. I wrestled in college 2.
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    The OSU VS. The UM

    Amine warmed up and was ready to go so not Bucks fault he didn’t wrestle. Plus the last time they wrestled Hepner won. Amine is 1-2 in his last 3 matches and needed OT to be a nobody from Rutgers last Sunday.
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    OSU vs ILL

    I thought TR said Hoffman was out for the year in his post match interview
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    OSU vs Cornell Jan. 5

    Mendez TF Cornella in Vegas
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    OSU vs Cornell Jan. 5

    He is injured and won’t wrestle for another few weeks per Cornell coach.
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    2023 U20 & U23 World Team Trials

    Not an Ohio guy but I believe Brandon Cannon 65kg is a Buckeye commit
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    US OPEN 4/26-4/30

    He beat Norman in the finals 4-2
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    Finals comments

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    B10 Pre-Pre-Seeds

    Correct and curious how many guys step on the mat and MFF out and rest up for Nationals
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    B10 Pre-Pre-Seeds

    I like the pre-seeds but think Sammy gets the 1 seed since he is un-defeated and technically Gomez has one B10 L with MFF against Thomas.