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    2024 Olympic Team Trials

    Brooks won’t even metal at the Olympics!! 65 won’t qualify either!! I love the fact they all wrestle together but that could be a curse as well
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    State Tournament Alternates

    Question if you were a coach and had 3 alternates and they all told you we have no desire to go!! Weather it’s maintaining weight or whatever!! What’s the state of your program? I couldn’t believe this when I heard it.
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    Some of these brackets are criminal

    Only problem with this would be a freshman that has proven hisself better then anyone with criteria then a kid the year before.imo
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    Some of these brackets are criminal

    Hahaha non of these match ups as anything to do with winning a district!! They all won their district are you new to wrestling in the state of Ohio? Only criteria is if you win your district and finished in the top 3 the year before you get criteria
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    Best kid not to make it to state?

    Nate Gregory had to be the choice!! Not only cause he’s a great wrestler but he’s probably the only one who didn’t make it from his whole team!!!