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  1. FreeFromGreen

    Fenwick Head Coach HOT BOARD

    playing catch up here, but why would Coach Mueller move from Fenwick to Monroe? Is that not a lateral move? Competitively isnt Fenwick better suited? Not my team or conference, but wondering what happened
  2. FreeFromGreen

    Friday Finals (9/15/23)

    McClain 27 CHCA 25
  3. FreeFromGreen

    D4 R16 Alter Vs. Taft

    Taft is really good. CHCA fan here, saw them in person last week. Now, I know CHCA was not really good - but Taft is explosive offensively through the air, but really disciplined on the ground too. Stop them up the middle? Aerial attack. That's not working? Attack the edge. Big...
  4. FreeFromGreen

    best improvement in second game

    in 2011, CHCA lost 35-6 at home to Madeira in week 2 and then beat them on the road in the playoffs 16-10 for a 35 point swing
  5. FreeFromGreen

    High School Football Rules Misconceptions (originally posted in 2019)

    I will die on the hill that the holding penalty is arbitrarily too punitive. 18 yards for holding in the backfield is ridiculous. Why oh why can't the penalty be 10 yards from the line of scrimmage the way God intended it to be :)