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    2024 Louisville Leopards Football

    who is going to pay for the 8th grade team? all the school administration cries about is they dont have they are going to pay for staff all new uniforms, travel, etc............
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    Ask the Ref?

    Watched a game last nite, altercation on floor, two players from visiting team run from bench to altercation....couldn't see home bench as camera stayed away from what was going technical was called on visiting team (they did start what happened)....any consequence for players leaving...
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    Week 6: Perry Panthers (2-3) at Louisville Leopards (1-4)

    How do keep get better when you have a bench of players-with little playing or game experience and you are playing starters when you are losing by 43 !!!!!! Give those players a chance.....and you wonder why the numbers are low.
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    Game of the Week - Glenville at IMG Academy

    $28 is low, closed to $50+
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    Coaching Openings

    Whats up with the Louisville job?
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    Pay to play at Perry or Louisville ????

    Louiville has had pay for play for years, i dont know what the current rate is.
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    Ohio Ms. Basketball Finalists Announced by OPSWA

    Bell is playing professional basketball with the Las Vegas Aces....championship last year!!!!!
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    Thoughts ???

    Yes watched the game....another classless act.....has nothing to do with other team pulling starters, show a little class. Reputation goes a long way....
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    Thoughts ???

    Winning by 20 a minute to go in game.....all 5 starters are still in game.....padding your stats !?!?....what about all those players that show up and practice everyday only to sit......
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    Troy Davis out as Louisville Leopards Head Coach

    Don't need inside experience...same as Davis had no head coaching experience...need to clean out staff and start over.
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    Troy Davis out as Louisville Leopards Head Coach

    they got rid of football coach,, but leave the basketball coach in place for doing same thing.........
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    Troy Davis out as Louisville Leopards Head Coach

    Finally. Need to go outside and get new blood. But who would want it???
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    Louisville Leopards Football 2022

    Can you imagine what the season would have been if we would have started with the backfield of Roberts, Davide and Ramsey..........
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    Louisville vs Perry Preview

    new quarterback...............
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    Week 6: Louisville Leopards (1-4) at Perry Panthers (3-2)

    rumor has it........finally a new quarterback tonite......
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    Hey, Can someone do me a favor here?

    Time for coaching change!!!! Current staff has shown NO improvement.......
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    All State teams or All District teams?????

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    Will all state games be televised,or just championship games ?

    watched all girls semi and final games on Spectrum, if you are a customer it is free. follow instructions on OHSAA site.
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    Ms Basketball and All State teams????